2012 The last Campaign?

I wanted to have a big campaign this year, but fate karma and luck just would not let it happen.
It started in April at Hash Bash. I hadn't been in 11 years, I only saw one person I knew, however I talked to a lot of new people and handed out bumper stickers.
I tried to visit Michigan's new Marijuana dispensaries. They wouldn't even let me in the door without a Michigan ID.

I had planned on going onward to Denver for 4/20 celebration, But the doctors wanted to do a quick operation. So I returned to New York for an out patient procedure.
Since I didn't go Denver, I went to my friend Robby's Party in the catskills

The following morning, I reported for my appointment at the Hospital, knowing that I was breaking a promise to myself, to never let doctors cut me open...
I knew Karma stomped on me when I awoke three days later, I was in intensive care and tied to a bed with a big plastic tube sticking out of my mouth. I spent 3 weeks in the Hospital, and made various trips back. I went into the operating room for the fourth time July second, with a new promise, that I would make it to Washington D.C. to speak at Lafayette Park at the annual protest.

July 4th 2012

It was close to 100 degrees, but I made the trip, I got to start, with the first speech, which was actually, filmed but the photographer didn't plug into the sound system, so I ended up with video with no speech recorded.

Peewee grabs some shade ********* John Plyka - Time to start!!!

Mothers for Marijuana had plenty to say...

The Police just watched...

Wayward Bill

I stopped at the federal reserve to get some money, but they were closed...
The Plan from this point was to travel I-80 across the country stopping at rest areas and Wal-mart Parking lots and Libraries. A quick okay from the doctors and I headed west...