Wow, it's hard to believe that is has been twenty years since I started Web Station #19 as one man's mind
 exploding into cyberspace. At that time the major portion of the site was dedicated to activism and the 
presidential campaign of the fictional Character "John Galt jr. The site expanded from politics to music, art,
and archives of important information. We made the High times TOP 100 list for 36 months and reached the pinnacle 
of the summit in June 98, when Web Station #19 
was #1 on the high Times 100 list

Over the years we went from thousands of hits per day to a couple thousand hits a month. With total hits well over a million now chances are you have visited at one time or another. The main Reason I keep the site going is that, I have already been almost edited out of history. In year 2000 there were thousands of mentions of John Galt jr and his travels around the country. Mostly stories about how an icon stopped in at a campfire chat and shared in spiritual recreation. Now I have been removed from Wiki-pages because two clowns I never heard of, never heard of me.

Last year we hit a new high as the number of files here went past 3000... So anyway whether, you found me on the internet, came to one of my many shows, or met me at a cozy little campfire. I want to ask, to come to webstation #19 again or for the first time, read copy and distribute the vast amount of information, because someday, I will be dead and the only mention of me, will be a single line in the book "Burning Rainbow Farms."

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