7/28/99 Chase Corporate Challenge

On July 28, 1999 Legalize protested corporate drug testing at the Chase Corporate
Challenge. Like all our Legalize events we were successful in some respects,
less so in others. But most importantly, it was a learning experience.

Approximately 7000 runners jogged by our banner as I called out our prepared
slogans like "The real corporate challenge is finding a job in this city that
doesnít drug test." The response was mostly very positive, including one
runner who high-fived me and the NYPD officer who called out, "Thatís what Iím
talking about, Legalize!" as he rode by on his motorscooter.

The most positive result was a permanent new addition to Legalize: the
Corporate Drug Testing Petition. Every few months Legalize will target a
different company for our members to e-mail and make aware that their
employment policies are un-American.

I learned two important lessons from the protest. The first is another gripe
against Libertarians, beyond the fact that they want to legalize all drugs and
prostitution to boot. Some Legalize members wrote to tell me that I was all
wrong and that drug testing is just part of a voluntary contract between two
private parties. That's great, stoners like you and me shouldn't go to jail,
but it's okay if we are denied employment, housing, etc. What a winning platform!

Legalize is grounded in the principle that all Americans are equal, regardless
of heritage or lifestyle. Legalize seeks to create a sense of community among
pot smokers as the first, critical step to our liberation. Legalize fights for
the twenty million stoners in America who have been stripped of their God-
given, constitutional protected rights, not for any abstract political philosophy.

The second lesson is more subtle, but I noticed I received the strongest
response when I talked about Legalize the Web site, rather than Chase the drug
tester. This fits with my basic instinct to promote Legalize with a positive
message instead of focusing on attacking our oppressors. While it is important
to hold the Government and large corporations accountable, this is not going to
produce results. Legalize will continue to protest Chaseís policies each year,
but will also plan more effective ways to get our core message out.

Please look forward to an announcement of an upcoming Legalize rally that will
give us major exposure with the entire Internet business community.

Submitted by Scotty J.

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