Every year billions upon billions of our tax dollars are spent arresting, prosecuting, and jailing drug offenders. Most of these drug offenders have committed no violent crimes, they are no risk to society. With that money we could improve our educational system, reduce our taxes, improve our infrastructure, and reduce our national debt. We waste this money on a war that cannot be won, because as any third rate economist will tell you, if there is demand there will be supply. In addition we actually create violent crime, did you know that 28% of all heroin addicts die violent deaths, not to mention all the innocent bystanders. We could save these lives by legalizing drugs because if we legalize drugs we take the criminal element out of drugs, and thus we take away the crime.

One of the largest arguments against the legalization of drugs is that if drugs were legal drug use would shoot up; this has been proven to be a misconception. When Holland dedicated a street in which heroin could be legally bought, sold, and used, heroin use fell dramatically; In fact it is estimated that by the year 2000 there will be no heroin addicts in Holland. The same effect can be seen in Britain where heroin is available by prescription. Again in Holland when they legalized marijuana use of hard drugs such as alcohol, cocaine, and heroin fell, because people were substituting the use of hard drugs for marijuana a comparatively much less dangerous drug.

So how can we stop precious human life and tax money from being wasted, the answer isn't spending billions more on our already failed drug program, the answer is LEGALIZING DRUGS. If we legalize drugs will we be able to save billions of tax dollars YES! If we legalize drugs will we be able to improve our educational system, reduce taxes, improve our infrastructure, and reduce our national debt YES! If we legalize drugs will we be able to put violent criminals in jail, because their cells won't be taken up by petty drug offenders YES! If we legalize drugs will we be able to save thousands of lives, of both drug addicts and innocent bystanders alike YES! If we legalize drugs will we, in fact, be able to reduce drug use YES! So I plead with you, let's save money, let's save lives let's LEGALIZE DRUGS!

If we legalize drugs we must do it gradually. In addition we must control the distribution of drugs, so they are not available on every street corner. We must also prohibit any form of advertising for drugs.


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