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Activism against the immoral Prohibition laws is a monumental task. What one is up against is "secular AND religious fundamentalism" for the nature of Prohibition is founded on one basic premise: "I KNOW what is best for YOU".

Imagine, people are actually arrested, tried and convicted, for using an
herb! It's almost as nutty as those who were arrested for believing the sun
was the center of the solar system and not the earth! Historians in the
future will quite frankly, look at this WOD as the 20th Century version of
the same type of dogmatic interpretations of authority and power that
scourged Europe during the height of its feudalism.

I have given up on addressing the issues to those who support the Prohibitionist line because they have no intention of changing, I believe. They defy logic really and any semblance of rational judgement. In other words Prohibition is a "mindset", a "worldview" which is essential a form of "racism", which is "hatred".

All hatreds are born of FEAR. And those that promote those FEARS for their political expediency and Control, will stoop at the most severest displays of violence and intimidation to maintain that Control.

That is the Nature of the Beast called Fundamentalism. It isn't solely a
"religious" embellishment but it relies heavily on "religious" or rather
"pseudo-religious", fear-mongering tactics to establish itself.

Today's "inquisitions", sanctioned by the government, primarily use
Recreational Drug Use, (under the pretext of Drug Abuse) as its motivating
scapegoat! In the past, that scapegoat was "heresy". The heretic was the
typical fiend and scourge of society.

I wish you best in your activism against today's governmental tyranny. But
watch your back, my friend. Prohibition is a monster out of control.

I leave you with an iconoclast view. My personal perspective.

I applaud everyone here who has chosen to take a stand of dissent and speak
out against the human rights abuses and real crimes of the government
against its own people, AKA The WOD! (War on Drugs).

The real issue is how a society deals with consensual activities.

There are some complex issues, no doubt, and there are serious repercussion
caused by drug dependency and addictive behavior.

But the War on Drugs is not the answer. It never was and never will be. In
fact, the behavior of the government, and its absolutist attitude,
encourages the oligarchy of a Police State to subvert basic human freedoms.

I deplore such tactics because it is women, children and the poorer classes
of society that suffer and are scapegoats.

Prohibition is a worldview. It is a mindset. It is Big Brother, like George
Orwell so keenly wrote of, in 1984, the classic political nightmare of a
Totalitarian State and how it functions.

The War on drugs is the Military's focal point for the marketing strategy and persuasive advertising campaign of itself as the "deliver" of society's problems. And drugs are the convenient "mantra" to rally the "troops" around.

Why else are they so myopic and irrational? Because a new brand of "persecution" drives their will. Secular fundamentalism!

There are so many good arguments to re-legalize cannabis, why is it that it remains illegal?

Indeed, why are there such harsh penalties against its cultivation and use?
Think about it! Just the fact that there are such extreme fears towards cannabis, should send a signal that something is very, very wrong with societies laws and those who have made them.

The laws against cannabis are so literally bent out of shape, says much in itself, about the whole matter. Surely there are those of good conscience? Who is speaking out? Who is objecting? Where are the voices of dissent? Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them!

Yet to no avail, for the persecutions and immoral agents of the WOD continue to ply the mastery of their nefarious dogmas of destruction, brutality and force. Am I overstating? Considering the magnitude of the deception, I think not. It is when free men do nothing that evil triumphs.

I don't use cannabis, but if I were ever in need of its beneficial properties, I certainly would be extremely distressed that such callous laws are in place today, designed to prevent me from growing cannabis and using it as a medicinal herb and/or pleasure-enhancing substance. Whose dark and diseased and unholy mind ever conceived of such a state of vexation as that of the WOD? What heart so rudely shameless, addicted to hatred, crafted such fears and lies against a simple herb as cannabis? The face of wickedness, I suspect! There's is the canker of rottenness of heart, where compassion has fled, where mercy is lost to the tortured bitterness of gall and hope has but been crushed into the dust of the dung heap!

Whose face glows with the shame of hypocrisy?
UGH! That's who! The Unreproachable Government Hierarchy

There are those who are persecuted for cannabis. Are we so complacent, self-satisfied and perfected in ourselves, that we cannot fathom that such persecutions are wrong and immoral? Are we so lulled by the grotesque, hypnotic trance of the Unreproachable Government Hierarchy (UGH!), we dare not question it ever, or its sacred trust of the force and power it wields?

Such a condition of oppression goes beyond reproach; it is hellish and demonic. It is bad enough that the government enforces unjust laws and distortions of freedom, under the pretext of "saving society from itself", but it is utterly insidious to continually see, year after year, these horrible crimes against human beings, perpetrated by the government, under the leadership of the WOD. It is heart-breaking that so few are willing to speak out and demand, "No More!" The liberty you allow others to lose will soon be your lost liberty as well.

History will look at this era of the WOD as pure, savage conquest by hypocritical elitists. An utter abuse of power by a tainted aristocracy of corporate despots, full of their repressive regiments, equal to the depravity and filth, cruel tyranny and exploitation, as the sickening crimes of the Dark Ages of Medieval Europe were, at the depths of those perverted Inquisitions against humanity! They shoot their WOD, seeds of destruction and disease, born of their corrupted and spoiled hearts of violence and strife!

The WOD is not merely a failure. It is the fruit of their sordid fixations on greed and power. The WOD is the excrement of Hypocrisy!

Thanks to the Internet and the Information Age, politics will NEVER be the same. There is a showdown coming, I believe! Tyranny's ugly face is being exposed further and further daily.

You cannot force free people into a posture of repression because you decide to dictate it. Such governing eventually crumbles, imploding in on itself, the weight of its own depravity.

The pen has always been mightier than the sword! History is unrelenting in releasing that somber and patient truth of all truths.

The question is whether the government desires a graceful recourse of
change, in sensible and humane cooperative understanding, or further
embellishments of fear, oppression and insanity. It's their CHOICE! David d'Apollonia

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