Worst commercial on Television

Time to update the worst commercial on television again. This time I give it a tie, both are entire classes of Lawyer commercials. First there is the sue your doctor commercials. They go something like have you ever taken a prescription drug and had side effects or died, or have you ever had an operation or implant?
Sue your doctor for millions so we can take half.
The other being accident attorneys, have you ever been hurt in a car accident, or at work or at your friends house, we will find someone to sue for you and we only will take 60% when you win.
"We found a new loop hole or a new precedent and we'll get money for you"

Old winners "The Garden State Life Insurance" Commercial..
Not because its irritating and plays several times an hour, but because they strike to take money from people who could really use it for better things. They say you know you need it to protect your love ones. They say the average funeral costs almost five thousand dollars. They say economic advisers suggest five times your annual income up to a million dollars coverage..

I ask How does life insurance protect your loved ones? Your loved ones need you not a pile of money...Life insurance is gambling, and the stupidest gamble of all because you want the house to win. The only way for you to win is to die. Have you ever heard of a life insurance company going broke? No because most policies are canceled before you ever collect. If an average funeral costs five thousand dollars than obviously you can get one cheaper... I have heard of people spending $50,000 dollars on a funeral. What do you think Lady Di's or Michael Kennedy's cost? I'm sure they both pushed that average up... What about five times your income? If you get a better job you need more insurance? If you keep your expenses in check you should need less because now you can save money... What does income have to do with how much your loved ones need after you die? By indexing coverage to income they guarantee themselves a fixed share of your income, like a tithe with out the church... How come they only cover you up to age 75? Because the odds fall in your favor after that. If you make it to seventy five chances are you'll die soon, at least sooner than the twenty five year old suckers paying hundreds of dollar a year to protect their loved ones...

But what if you really are worried about your loved ones? Take a second job for a couple months set aside all the money you earn and place it in a standard savings account. Add the money each month you would have spent on life insurance (to get the coverage, you feel you need). Set back and watch how much faster it grows than cash value or term life... Die in peace.. the end


New worse commercial? or perhaps stupidest.
I give you the triphoria vibrator commercial... In this comic catastrophe women are sitting around at a bridal shower, the bride is opening gifts and opens a new triphoria vibrator, the vibrator that blows your hair back like you used cum for conditioner, it turns out three women each gave her a new vibrator for a wedding send off. Then in the final scene the stupidity kicks in, when she tells her new husband to be and he says sweet, like he is happy that half his girls friend believe that he won't be able to satisfy her sexually. But don't worry the next commercial is for Cialis or Viagra. Sswweeeettt

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