John Galt Jr. Speech 5/7/98

I have been attending these little protests now for many weeks and for the most part I have been quiet vocally. My response at my web site has been quite a bit different.. But that is not why we are here, We are here to protest the marijuana prohibition laws in this country. Many of our opponents say that we gather here each week to have a party and get high on Pot...
those of you that have been here know that is simply not true.
We stand here because Marijuana is medicine There were 37 medical uses when hemp banned in 1937 some of which have not been replaced
We Stand Here because Hemp is a durable long lasting fiber that is very useful to the textile industry, the new world would never have been conquered with out hemp ropes and sails
We Stand Here because Hemp seed is a strategic food source
because hemp seed can be processed for oil, which can be used for cooking or fuel
We stand here because the stalks, roots and bulk make a great source of bio mass

We stand here because the federal governments drug policies just don't make sense
which brings us to the smoking part. Most everyone knows that smoking anything is inherently bad for the lungs. But to be fair lets realize that people have been known to smoke tobacco banana peals, corn silk, toothpaste, clover, ginseng, jasmine, sage and dozens of other plants for centuries. Not to mention the six hundred different additives placed in cigarettes..
Yet has growing corn, tobacco or bananas been outlawed? No, Why? I don't know...
Then we also get to inhale the exhaust fumes from cars, the smoke from candles, incense, factories and camp fires. not to mention pesticides and herbicides...

Professor Heicken says he smokes each week, because people have the right to decide for themselves, what to do with their bodies as long as they take responsibility for their actions. This includes deciding to shave or not to shave to be tattooed or not, what to eat, what to drink and even when to die and this I support that is why I am here every week to support freedom of choice and of person

I asked to speak this week because this may be the last chance to see many of you and I would like you to take the message with you, share it with all who will listen tell your politicians that we just won't take it anymore. Their are copies of a document called mamp available which I wrote a couple years ago It is compromise with the moral right which would allow us to grow and use hemp legally for the first time in over 60 years.

Each week Julian smokes and we all watch, Bob Dylan said it best when he said "don't bogart that joint my friend pass it over to me...well it's about time we all smoked. Now is the time to practice your right to consume by flame... be it pot or tobacco or clover lets all light up for freedom and show our support for what is being done here for our future

John Galt Jr.

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