Okay John Bottom line it for us out here, if by some freak chance you get elected, and you get to magically make the changes you propose, how would life in America be changed and how would these changes affect the common man?

First off every living American over 18, who wished to, could own his own home within 10 years.
Every American who already owns his home could get up to $20,000 for home improvement or to pay on principle.
Every American will have between $30,000 and $50,000 savings for medical emergencies.
Driving Age raised to 18 in every State
The wars would be over, including the war in Afghanistan, Iraq , the war on drugs and the war on terror...
I wouldn't be asking anyone to sacrifice their children, their children's limbs and their sanity to fight battles of no useful purpose.
Most Americans would no longer have to piss in a cup to keep or get jobs.
Rave act, Patriot Act and Drugfree Workplace acts would all be in the trash were they belong
500,000 non violent drug offenders would be pardoned
Student loan rates would be lowered to 12% or less
Credit cards lowered to 18% or less
Home loans lowered to 10% or less
Small businesses would be popping up like weeds

Drinking Age lowered to 18
Federal taxes would be lowered for people, raised for business.
The middle class would see the largest expansion is History
The war against Poverty would be won.
The dollar would rise on international markets
Common Sense and Sanity will prevail...

Then I would have the government pursue the whole legality of the Bush administration and watch them chase their own tail around for awhile.
Lastly I would probably start antitrust actions against Wal-mart and the oil companies.

JOhn Well, I've had a blast reading your website! It makes me grin. You always had a bit of a spitfire spirit... in a good way it seems. Like when you described smoking pot in front of the cops, on stage I think, and you got away with it, earning you the nick name of Teflon John.

I just read you article regarding what WalMart does to small towns. It ruined mine. Within a couple of years of the Super WalMart opening, almost all of our small family-run businesses either closed or suffered greatly. It has been heart-breaking to watch a rich heritage disappear. I know that sounds dramatic, but that is what has happened. In a matter of a few short years, we went from going into the local hardware store where nobody was a stranger and all the kids knew where the candy jar was to standing in line in a warehouse surrounded by people we have never seen in our lives. I am a fifth generation member of my little town. Honestly, I rarely go to Walmart and see someone I know. I really tried to boycott Walmart for a while, and will still pay higher prices if a local store has what I need, but I have no choice when my options go out of business.

Hey John,
Well, I was reading on your site about discrimination.
It's very hard to find people with your view. I am a
muslim, and I have a beard, a full beard. I am not
able to get a job anywhere, not even at "Best Buy"...
it's the worst thing possible. I've always wanted to
start some kind of business, but I've never been able
to since I can't even make money to invest in one in
the first place. Just thought I'd let you know how I
am doing, and I completely understand what you wrote.
Thanks, take care, bye.


I wanted you and the world to know that there are some people out there who understand that tolerance to others and their beliefs is the foundation of this country and has to be the foundation of the future for us to survive. I also wanted to let you know that I am once again running for president. Please stop by again to see what I have been up to...

Ron / John for President

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