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hey john,
I read your article about teens. I think it is very true and I really liked it, I am currently a 16 year old male who has been through the system and has learned my lesson about being rebellious in America today. I think parents should teach more and schools should offer job training for the kids who really care about their life. My punishment for smoking weed was 1 month in juvy, 6 months in rehab and 6 months of probation plus the 6 tons of bullshit from the courts and god knows how much cash I had to give to big brother for that. They also they make go to A.A. and I don't even drink. Well thank you for realizing the troubles of today and sharing it with people and thanks for taking your time to read this. sincerely Capt.

Trip Naked, here. I met you at the 8th annual Colorado Springs Hemp Rally. Anyway I just wanted to write and let you know that people DO remember you. They DO take notice of what you say. Your words DO sink in and effect people. And come election day, you WILL have their votes, just as you have earned mine, John. I wish you only the best of luck and I pray that the gods will bless you on your quest.

I've got some rather big plans. I'll put it this way; I've been in the trenches with the grunts for a long time. Now it's time for me to become an officer! I got tired of the fact that we (the road-dog community of America) have very few supporters. Even the ones we do have are few and far between, or they just don't have the resources to help. So, I'm working on connecting them , as well as devising a way to educate our community in a manner that would allow us to live on the road and cruise into any town in America and be able to earn a decent living (even by societal standards). And doing it by simply utilizing the talents and gifts that each one of us already possesses. Vive La Revolucion, Trip Naked
Thanks for the letter, I have learned that people are listening, Starting a traveling community? interesting concept, keep me informed on those efforts as well...
Peace and Freedom
John Galt jr.

To Web Station #19
The future of everyone will be much better if you fucking drug addicts disappear; if anything you jerks should be promoting normal family lifestyles which the last time I checked, did not involve drugs. If you jerks don't like the way America should be leave the country!!!!! I have a 9 month old daughter and it scares me that there are scum like you out there. MB

MB, First off we at Web Station #19 are, a place in cyberspace, an independent non profit publishing adventure, a cybermall with no shops, a place where we can express the views which we embrace Politically correct or not. That means news and opinions, Bellefonte protests are news, whether you like it or not... Your letter is not addressed to any one in particular, so it comes to me as editor to form the proper response. When some calls me names like fucking drug addict and uses terms like jerks and "scum like you" referring to myself and fellow freedom fighters, I have to wonder exactly what it is that you fear so much?

Which fucking drug addicts are you referring to?
Those Cigarette smoking nicotine addicts?
Those whiskey, wine and beer drinking alcoholics?
Those sick people who are addicted to pain killers?
Those Caffeine addicts that can't even start the day with out a second cup of coffee? Those perky little housewives with mothers little helpers, prozac, librium, valium, lithium, percacet? How about those poor little chocolate addicted kids or the ones suffering the long term effects of ritalin. But hey, I'll bet you're so uptight you don't even have that evil drug sugar in your home do you? But you are right the future would be better without humans cluttering up the planet...

I thought American history was required learning in this country. This country was founded on protest! Revolutionary War, Boston Tea party, The declaration of independence were all governmental protests. Hey the reason I like this country is because we are supposed to be guaranteed certain inalienable rights by the constitution and it's amendments. Among those are the pursuit of happiness, freedom of speech, the right to petition the government for change (that means protest) as well as be secure in one's person, property and home. Our founding fathers were rich, pot growing, tobacco smoking, wine drinking white slave owners. I am sure they would approve of these protests !!!

As far as Normal family Values... There is no such thing in a mixed culture environment. What cultural family values we did have have been distorted twisted and even destroyed by tiny minded intolerant social workers, schools and other government agencies.

I feel sorry for you being so misinformed angry and intolerant, and with a baby. It will not be long before the human services people interject themselves in to your life and you will understand why raising kids is hell in America. But more so I feel sorry for your daughter, she has to grow up with intolerance and a foul mouthed parent, that is sad as she will not be ready for the real world and most likely will take the worse path possible when she realizes what a intolerant hypocrite you are.John Galt jr

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