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John Galt jr?
What a name to steal. . . Perhaps the greatest vision of man, and you turn it into this. These traps you speak of. Remember, they are all entered into by free will and full knowledge, and quite frankly, I wouldn't want to live in a country that doesn't allow these traps.
Perhaps you should read more of the works of Ayn Rand to come to a more clear understanding of Objectivism. I would suggest Philosophy: Who Needs It, then perhaps, For the New Intellectual. On one note, I do believe the government of the United States of America has been side-tracked widely off the glory it brought the world when it begin. Although the intentions seemed and appeared honest enough to most philosophically ignorant Americans, the consequences of the lawmaker's decisions were not fully realized. We are now enveloped in the great circle of history. The time now is the slow decent into socialism. The actions of the people of this country further and further grow towards it. And it is true, the lawmaker's actions do agree with the attitude of most Americans. The problem lies in this: The government of the United States of America when first constructed was pure and simple perfection, (the political works of Ayn Rand can explain this better than I) Ever since then, the only path they may take is either backwards or Further away from this perfection. Since we have become dependent on the very methods that are leading us to our destruction a solution to the problem is quite evading to most Americans. So now the question is, what is the solution? Well, the only solution is to revert back to the times when the constitution was respected and obeyed. This will not be easy because of the difference in technology and world affairs, but the greater the effort we put into our country and our political system, the greater the reward will be to us as a species. The survival and advancement of humankind is our number one priority. It is the reason that we exist in the first place. Kevin
spoken like a true libertarian, You say
" These traps you speak of. Remember, they are all
entered into by free will and full knowledge, and quite frankly,
I wouldn't want to live in a country that doesn't allow these traps."
I respond neither would I !!! but free will and full knowledge? I live in a college town and deal with College students on a daily basis and I can tell you with out any reservations that most of these young people have no clue what they are getting into.

I am trying to make sure that people realize that they have options. I played the roles and games for over two decades and I realize that those same traps and games allow me to live the way I do. So I do my thing, piss some people off and enlighten others, it is the role I have chosen in this grand farce called life.

You suggest I should read some more Ayn Rand Actually I am quite familiar with much of her writings, some of which I agree with some of which I don't. Having my own philosophy is more important to me than be categorized by someone else's...

I'm a grad student in social psychology. Just making it into the PhD program was the final goal of the last hierarchy of short term goals that I'd set for myself. POINT is that I'm just now setting a new set of goals for myself. The shortest term goal is successfully defending a dissertation relating to substance use, misuse, and abuse culture to include obstacles to and effectiveness of treatment. The social stigma attached to drug users, for example, reduces a heavy abuser's willingness to attend treatment and may indirectly reduce the effectiveness of treatment, especially to poor minority females. The social stigma inherently stems from the criminalization of drugs and current collective attitudes (culture) towards drug users. [I would want to hear your response to: "Who would you describe to be the 'daily pot smoker'?" and "How would you describe a stereotypical drug user?" Pgs

You say Current government doesn't meta-stereotype very well.
and You ask "How would you describe to be the 'daily pot smoker'?"
and "How would I describe a stereotypical drug user?"

First off I am totally against all stereotype casting, while it is true that some individuals appear to fit a given stereotype, no one is typical of any stereotype. I am also against general classifications of race, creed and sex. For this reason when ever I come across race on a form I write in Human next to other. Other questions of categorizing I leave blank.

I also try not to duck questions... So from my experience The typical daily pot smoker is human age 15 to 50 is employed most likely in the food service industry or the arts. However I have met a Minister,a couple of doctors, many police officers, social workers, a pharmacist, a couple judges, a mayor, and many prominent businessmen who have admitted to me daily use at some points in their life.

How would I describe a stereotypical drug user?

Almost every human being on earth currently takes some sort of drug on a daily basis and I don't even need to categorize sugar as a drug to prove it. Some of these humans get their drugs from their doctors, some from the local liquor store, some from the grocery store, some from the street pushers, some from their gym or fitness instructors and some from the high class private clubs where all sorts of things go on. Many many people even receive drugs from their minister or priest in religious ceremonies.

You stated " I don't want to sign this email in order to protect certain people with whom I'm affiliated. I would invite you to my webpage, but I'm scared something could link you to those with whom I am affiliated and to whom I would never intend harm in any way....and that sucks." and you don't understand my anonymity?
I currently am employed by one of those fascist corporations that do pre-employment and random drug testing... . Peace and Freedom . . John Galt jr.

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