The real issue behind prison for Robert Downey, Jr., nothing to do with poor judgment by a judge. That is spin to hide the real agenda.

When you demonize drug use, to promote this corrupt war, you cannot have successful and functional drug addicts on the big screen for all to watch. Robert Downey, Jr., made the Drug War look real bad. Robert Downey, Jr., is addicted to heroin and Cocaine, at least that is what the rumors are. It doesn't take people long to realize that something is wrong with the picture portrayed by the advertisements of the PDFA of the Heroin addict living in an abandoned building, Crackhead Fred or the "Don't do drugs, don't die and go away." Robert Downey, Jr., sent to prison because he is bad publicity for this corrupt drug war. Robert Downey, Jr., to be proof that a drug addict is far more functional in our society than the Drug War. Sending him to prison also demonstrates that cooperation in the drug War is mandatory where repression takes a front seat to health and Safety concerns.

If you think drugs are addictive, try corruption. What we just witnessed in the incarceration of Robert Downey, Jr., is a classic case of Drug War addiction. The judge is a spokesperson for the Drug War addicts and dealt with their addiction to corruption by incarcerating the bad press. When you build a war that is based on an addiction to corruption, rehabilitation is going to be a bitch. Sincerely,
Jay Lindberg

I've checked out a lot of territory on your site. I really enjoyed the art galleries. I also rather enjoyed your discussion with William. The debate about addiction vs. recreational use continues. As does the topic of a 'gateway' drug, what constitutes a drug, and at what point use becomes abuse. I am still unclear on many of these topics myself. I abused alcohol but used marijuana. How do I define the difference? I really can't say with certainty. I do believe, however, that laws and government will not change whether or not people will use substances or how they will use them. Making something illegal will not make it go away nor will making something legal create the demand for it. Genie

Another Letter from our friend Apollo...
Prohibitionists refuse to give Choices to responsible adults, on matters of the use of a herb like cannabis, tried and proven for thousands of years as relatively safe, yet the same government ALLOWS genetically altered foods into the market place, without anyone even having the CHOICE.

What happened to purity, and not needing money? Haven't you sold out to the same capitalism you are constantly trashing? How can you justify taking money for this concert thing you are planning? Jay

I have never said I was against capitalism, what I have been saying is the world in which we are living has no comparison to a classic capitalist economy. I rather liked the capitalist theories. Then I lived in a economy where the government is controlled by corporate interests. Capitalism according to classic theory is unobstructed by government in any way. Nothing but sorrow and greed. Whether you're talking about Capitalism, Socialism, Marxism, Communism or the barter system, you are talking about theories, none of these systems have ever worked according to model. Therefore you must realize that every set of permutations could be construed to be a distinct and separate system and all were created by man.. Just more games, like the entire concept of money and value of anything. We need to open our minds to new possibilities when thinking about the future economy of this country and of the world. The systems of government and finance will fail as well. The only question is when...
As for me selling out perhaps I am, I can not deny that I may profit from this adventure not only financially, but in many other ways as well. Even so with all things considered don't you think I deserve some compensation for all that I am doing? I still need to eat, pay my phone bills and keep my home heated. Most of the profits from the show will be place in a trust and used to support activist causes, print flyers and booklets, and pay for publications and bill boards. JG

Jane in your letter you said,
OK, on the one hand I my curiosity was piqued by your (unsolicited and therefor evil) email.

As for unsolicited e-mail being evil, I have to agree to some extent, but most is no more evil than the stuff the US Postal service fills our mail boxes with. The evil e-mail in my mind is those porn sites who don't have the courtesy to give you a away to tell them to stop. I am here open to what I am doing and have no shame in doing so. unless you write back to me you will never here from me again (unlike the porn sites which will continue to send e-mail forever) But You say you like a variety of Music and that's why our e-mail was sent, many people will come just for the music, these gatherings tend to have a large cross section of the populous attending.

Anyway, as soon I saw the words "Solstice"(Satan), "Hemp"(Satan) and"Happening" (Satan)

Solstice is the first day of summer or winter and has nothing to do with Satan, whom is a creation of the Christian philosophies.
Hemp is a plant with thousands of uses including medicine, paper, cloth, etc.
The sails and rope that brought white man to this country, were made from hemp fiber. The first American Flag was made from hemp, the constitution was written on hemp paper. Just because the government has demonized it and had the word removed from all school books doesn't change the facts, still no mention of Satan...
A happening is another word for event, we used it because it created SSHH which we think is catchy and memorable. Again no mention of Satan...

. Forget it! Bunch o' skinhead / long hair (they're all the same now you know) stoned morons getting naked and running around stinking from lack of personal hygiene . . . And I could probably count as many teeth at such an "Event" as I could at a country-music-outdoor-all-day-concert-in-West-Virginia type "Event."

As far as stoned morons getting naked. I can't say that won't happen. However the Hemp movements have gathered way beyond stoners and are well seated in and active in many communities. Personal Hygiene and toothlessness? Sorry I just don't see any connection to anything we are discussing here.
Peace and Freedom
John Galt jr.

I am sorry that some of the tongue-in-cheek tone didn't come through in my email, although not all of it was such. The porn ads ARE what really gets my blood boiling, and, yes, your ad what different. But the net CAN be such a nuisance, you know?

I have to say that I am impressed that you took the time to not only READ my whole, long-winded-little-bit-tipsy email, but to RESPOND to it in FULL.

Sincerely, Jane


Just here for the dirty pictures

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