I have a question for you John. have you gone to jail yet fighting against this drug war? My experience has made me tough and taught me how to fight dirty. I am in no mood for compromise. That is how we got in this mess in the first place. Jay
Strangely enough I may be the only prominent activist who has not served any time because of my convictions.. I have spent a few hours in holding cells from time to time. But when faced with the corruption of a tainted system, I have always stood my ground, and demanded all my god given and constitutionally protected rights. In every case I have been able to convince, if not the officer, then the judge correctness of my positions and have remained free. I will continue to do so, knowledge and truth are the best weapon against lies even in a court of law. John Galt jr

I honestly do not need pot! I do it like one would alcohol. I like to smoke it after work, in a purely recreational capacity. I understand that sick people wish to smoke it and I'm all for that but I also think I should be able to smoke it (everybody over 21 as with alcohol should be allowed to smoke it.). NORML does a piss poor job. They harp on medical marijuana as if this is 'step towards' legalization yet they actually cloud the issue.

Making pot a drug for the sick only does not keep ME from going to jail for possession! It will make it only available to the sick I'm not sick! I do not have AIDs, Glaucoma, or even a overly stressful life. nor do I want to go to a clinic and pretend I need it.

As I go into a convenience store to by a beer, and drink that beer safe in the knowledge that as long as I do not drive, or commit criminal acts, I am safe from the possibility of being label a criminal, or an addict (not to mention prison or jail). I also wish to smoke pot without paranoia, without the labels of criminality.

The FACT is that pot is no more harmful or addictive as tobacco or alcohol (probably far less damaging but that does not matter) We allow our citizens to drink and smoke substances that are addictive, damaging, etc. but we label these self-destructive acts as adult in nature and restrict the sale to those over 21. There is overwhelming statistical evidence to show that pot does not kill people, save possible accidents on the road where it will be restricted. You really can't O.D. and you may become dependent on it as you would cigarettes and alcohol.

Most pot users,dealers, and growers are criminals only because of the act of smoking and distributing the substance, not because they smoke pot and feel the urge to kill and rob.
I cringe at the hypocrisy and the damage done by NORML trying to help classify it as a drug at the disposal of doctors prescriptions and not a recreational substance with medical benefits.
Should this not make it even more beneficial. It can be used safely as recreation as one would alcohol, yet it also has certain curative qualities. Its hypocrisy. ....its obvious.....and it damages legitimacy. Legalize it because it is NOT lethal, and it is our right to have it if we wish. Hans...

May the rest of the world become enlightened as to what we are telling them about the many uses of our Sacred Herb Marijuana! Yes.. Marijuana Production can Create Jobs and save the Environment from total destruction. Before the prohibition of 1937 at the height of fascism, it was allowed to do just that! May the energy that brings all good to mankind hear our prayers! Together we pray that Marijuana be used in all facets of industry for mankind! All 25 thousand uses! For, Construction, Fuel, Fiber, Food, Medicine and everything else that God intended!

GOD does'nt make mistakes...SAVE THE PLANET..SAVE OURSELVES..
Re-Legalize hemp now!
A warrior in the trenches for the earth and it's people, Sonjia another Hemp Activist

Thanks for inviting me in. You're right in not revealing e-mail addresses. Remember, all roads to the information highway lead through Janet Eva-Braun Reno's desk. Look, most of these people in the Clinton Administration were born, feet first, in the sixties. Squawking, selfish, accusative, bratty, self-defined precocious asses who decided what they wanted to be taught, what is relevant, and threw out Western history, Judeo-Christian values, and European culture: Why? To cast off their realized oppression. Now the oppressed have become the oppressor! The bloody taste of power and the thrill of the hunt and the screams of the dying prey (US!) made these worldly, kindly, gatherer-vegetarians into rabid, hairy, drug-warrior meat eaters with deathful eyes that see everywhere, their bodies draped with leathery/metallic phallic weaponry to be used on the unwashed masses who have been intimidated into paying for it, of all things....because "it's for your own good"
All politicians at that level are dirty to some extent. But Clinton is completely dirty. And Clinton is proud of it. Works with it; uses it to hypnotize, demagogue, and stonewall his way in to and out of one stenchy affair after another.
I think the guy's a psycho. He's been lying so long he no longer knows or cares the difference between truth and reality, vs. lies and fiction. Like his hand on the button??
Not to worry! He'll be squinting at the bridge to the 21st Century from between black steel bars in Leavenworth. And just when did Hillary decide that a vote for Bill is also a vote for Hillary???
News item:Yesterday a group of MD's told the Federal government to get the hell out of the issue of medical marijuana. Should be more news in today's print. Don't start the revolution without me!
Ps: Do you believe in money? YB.

Not revealing e-mail addresses is to protect the opinionated from unwarranted intrusions by those who disagree with your position, there is little we can do to stop government intrusions... I know for a fact that e-mail is being examined by the government and other sources... The revolution has already begun jump on the train... distribute real drug policy to all interested parties (and Government officials as well) , we must leave the web, take the battle to the streets... The real Question that remains is...What do we do with all the lawyers and Republicans after the revolution??? If we lock them up we become them ... If we shut them up we are worse... John Galt Jr.

The great whiteboy is about to utter a great prophecy. He has been to the top of the mountain, and it is good. Thought flows like a river. The states of California and Arizona are now wellsprings of influence signaling a precipitous crack in the dam of federal and medical bureaucracy. If they cannot shut it down, soon the flood gates will break and Whiteboy has seen a vision of things to come. People who could benefit from the medicinal use of Mary Jane can now get a doctor's referral to seek treatment in those states. This is effectively a prescription to use whatever you want as long as it can't be demonstrated you got it through illegal means and you aren't 'abusing' the drug.

The law is clear as a bell on this, even though the ramifications have not begin to manifest. Soon they will wake up and realize they have been bested in this tyranny, and pot will become more and more into acceptance by the general population. When all the old grannies in the world who vote their conscience realize just how legal it is, they'll settle down and tolerate it just like the evil addicting drug nicotine and just as addicting in about one fourth of the people who try it alcohol, which are part of our constitutional rights as free men seeking truth and justice as best we can. W.B.

I wish I was as optimistic as you are, you must be a child of the eighties, we thought in the late sixties that pot would be legalized any day...In the seventies it was decriminalized in many states, including Alaska, New York, Oregon...But with the eighties came the Reagan/ Bush administrations and well pot returned to hell...
If you believe take the message to the Street spread the word of M.A.M.P. John Galt Jr.

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