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Concerning three things :
Alan Gordon alias the man who seems to be able to do no wrong and enjoys the benefit of local news black listing. You can turn to your own pages for that answer... How is the war on smokers being fought? Who has that kind of power? Well in most areas the local DA or chief of police would probably have that sort of power to silence the press, the question would be why would they choose to do it? Some would say that "the establishment is afraid of Alan" his yet untested defense is so good it would surely get him off.... Maybe the police and D.A. figure if they ignore him he will get bored just go away....
But some how I just don't think so, we are talking about a jury trial here and juries could do just about anything today... Neither side could afford to be confident in this battle. Maybe they just don't want the publicity that a media hound like Gordon is bound to demand... or maybe some would call me paranoid...

Maybe it is just the largest most organized sting operation in the history of modern prohibition !!! What if he is a undercover Narcotics officer? The local police and press would give him a very wide berth. Has anyone seen him sell any marijuana yet? He could be on a two year investigation collecting names dates events. His permission slip sounds to me like a court admissible confession to at the very least conspiracy to purchase...
and What about the press coverage? I have seen only a couple of brief moments on TV but I noticed that there were a few cameras among the crowd. The crowd which gathers for this type of protest are mostly proponents (have you ever heard of a public demonstration against Marijuana) So If each newsperson only used a minute of their film then what happens to all the rest? and Who is to say that those filming the situation are all press? For four weeks now they have been taking pictures and could have 8 X 10 blowups of almost every stoner / activist in the area already, if not a least enough to provide local government income enhancement through massive numbers of fines...

Then again Gordon could just be a really stupid conman blinded by his own efforts to sell what has to be worthless Marijuana licences. Could he be cooking his own goose and actually running a huge sting operation without realizing it? What if the DEA or the FBI is hanging around recording his every movement, contacts. Recording all his boasts, so they can hit him 200 maybe 250 various counts from over a two year period. Then try him for everything at once, that would tend to lean the jury towards some guilty verdicts, even if it means only fifty to sixty years behind bars. Or they could try him on two three counts at a time until they get a guilty verdict. Then slap everything else on the books and try him as a convict behind bars...Anyway Alan Gordon will be out of their hair sooner or later one way or another ...

As for President Clinton and his efforts to start a war, because someone attacked someone else, seven or so years ago at our urging, so we could use up a lot of bombs, that where rapidly..... .....unprovoked act of war... Have you seen Wag the Dog yet? I just want to know how Hollywood got the script so far in advance?
lastly, Thanks but I cry Foul !!! Censorship !!! Piracy !!!
While I'm glad to see you finally posted "how does it feel"
But, I just can't believe you edited it!!!
What about the other stuff I have sent you? Will you chop them up as well? How come you didn't give me credit for the line "blowing up of Washington D.C. as stupidity control?" What about freedom of speech??? Darkside

Yes I have seen anti-marijuana demonstrations. They have them at high schools all over the country. It's called the D.A.R.E program. The police come in show you what it looks like... plants and in baggies. They tell you to call the cops when ever you see this dangerous substance... I wonder why, if the students are there to learn, that "we" are not allowed equal time to tell those impressionable youths the truth...
It's my freedom of speech being broadcast here, and I will maintain editorial license, because some of what you say could be taken in poor spirit (like the full text of the above letter as well as the full text of how does it feel). As for giving credit where due... You may of said that in a letter but you don't get any credit here as you prefer to be anonymous...But I have set up an area for your stuff alone... because I don't think all of it is appropriate for here...At your new Hideaway , I will allow a wider berth for your words, however if I decide to print them and I will continue to correct grammar and spelling when I deem necessary... John

Al says
I find it disturbing you claim title to the legacy of John Galt when you clearly hold views antithetical to the teachings of Ms. Rand. as well as : I am sorry you have spent so much time, energy and resources creating a web site which is so lacking. Al


I enjoyed seeing your page. About the minimum marijuana page: my own idea is that anyone (i.e., "anyone") must enjoy the natural right to cultivate their own herb for their own use. I believe this is a natural right, and the obvious place to start legalization. It sets aside dealing questions, and just affirms the right of free people everywhere to grow their own for their own use. Never mind whether it is medicinal or recreational, and I cannot consent to limiting this right to persons of any particular age or whatever. As long as the owners of the land do not object, anyone must be free to grow their own.

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Dear John,
I don't even believe in capitol punishment I believe in self defense. There are far too many innocent people that get put to death each year because someone pointed the wrong finger. Oops, actually, i just remembered it was the other guy, sorry Mr. deadman, I made a mistake. Next thing you know we will be sentencing drug dealers to the death penalty. It is funny how man thinks so highly of himself as to sentence or judge someone to DEATH! DEWL

I have to admit that capitol punishment only stops one person from committing further crimes... The truth is as a country we don't execute very many people, unless of course you consider government sponsored assassinations like Waco. or the rash of "suspects" that die while in police custody.or those whom are shot on site because they are dangerous (Like Ruby Ridge). By the way we do have death penalty for drug dealers in some states... John

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