What Can You do to help the Movements ???

by the Honeybud Weedwhacker and John Galt jr.

There are just so many others things that can be done.
First off Register to vote!!! The easiest way to force change is informed voting, listen to what your candidates are saying, research the issues and candidates.

Wear your colors!!!

While conventional wisdom, says that wearing shirts, hats, and sporting bumper stickers, that are pro-pot is foolish and will get you arrested or harassed. The truth is these activities are protected by your first amendment right to free expression. Sure the cops can harass you, perhaps even cite you, but in the end you will have the last laugh, because lawyers are lining up to sue cops who violate our civil rights!!!

Write to your local newspaper at least once a month.
A constant flow of editorials will assure that local media doesn't forget that some people do care about the sad state of affairs, that we as a country are in..

Write to your officials on state and national levels.
Write to the President at the White House President@Whitehouse.gov
Don't let the politicians forget they work for us!!!

If you have money search out your favorite causes and donate something, if you have no money donate your time...
That is where Protesting comes in. Attend protests, Organize protests remember it is not only a right but a duty as an informed citizen to inform those around you.
Rules of Protesting

Some types of Protests
Petitioning, Sit ins, and picket lines in front of Court houses, Universities and Public parks.
Arrange boycotts of companies that drug test.

Apply to companies, that do pre-employment drug testing, even if you don't need a job. These tests cost anywhere from $50 to $150 depending upon type. Enough people failing tests on purpose will cost them bundles. In the event you pass the test, tell them you've decided that you don't want to work for a company who has no regard for the privacy of it's employees.

Join or start an Activist Squad. The idea is to organize at least a dozen seriously determined people to show up at the local Court Houses every time someone has an appearance for a Marijuana related charge. The local enforcement officers and courts hate this so much, that they will often reduce or drop charges. If you can get the defendant in on it ask him or her to refuse any offer less than a complete dismissal. This plan works with local courts, and freaks out the feds as well. If you can get 50 - 100 people to show up. The chances that charges will be dropped increase with each additional person protesting.

On Protests and protesting
-Get the media's attention, send notice of your plans to all local media, newspapers, TV and radio.
-Expect to deal with law enforcement
-Follow the rules of protesting

1. Get Organized
Put up flyers on college campuses if they are near. Maybe use statistics of non-violent drug offenders to show the appalling number of people in jail for the wrong reasons. Talk to your friends and neighbors.
If you cannot handle once a week, try once a month.
Make posters with short, but sensible slogans.
Stay educated on latest legislative developments & information.

2. Plan ahead, six weeks notice will insure a good turnout.
Find a place that is high profile (lots of traffic, pedestrians).
Become familiar with the city's rules pertaining to noise and crowds.
Send out press releases to announce the event to local papers, radio shows, local news
Get informative flyers from organizations like NORML or the Lindesmith Institute.

3. Law Enforcement AKA "the Man"
Read police conduct manual, find out what they can and cannot do to you.
Always have a pen & paper ready to record the officer's names and
write down their actions & words as a precaution for evidence in court.
ALWAYS! Be as courteous as possible to officers so they have no other reason to cite or arrest you.
If you are arrested, do not resist. Go limp & make them carry you. Makes for great photo op and press. Also goes to show the public how very strongly you feel for the cause.
4. Opposition
Sometimes, you will have people in your faces. When this happens, just smile and continue holding your sign. Just think of it as a tactic that makes you stronger. It may hurt you inside, but to show these folks that it affects you would be letting them win.

5. How to survive activism:
Remember that activism is hard work. Thank you's go a long way. Compliment your fellow protesters. Learn from each other. Concentrate on common goals, don't air disagreements publicly. Take action, but take breaks, concentrating all your efforts on activism will burn you out as quickly as any stressful job.


by John Galt jr and the Honeybud Weedwacker

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