March 2016
1. My Drug Tests
2. Forward Cab Jeeps
3. Medical Hashish?
4. Message to America
5. 1937 Marijuana Hearing
6. Ditchweed
7. Homeless in America
8. John Galt jr's activist page
9. How does it feel (to smoke pot)
10. Rainbow Farms Campground

December 2013

1. My Drug Tests
2. Forward Cab Jeeps
3. How does it feel (to smoke pot)
4. Front Page
5. Medical Marijuana
6. Medical Hashish?
7. Eating Marijuana FAQ
8. 1890's Drug store
9. 1937 Marijuana Hearing
10. Discrimination in America

September 2013

1.My Drug Tests
2.Medical Marijuana
4.Forward Cab Jeeps
5.How does it feel (to smoke pot)
6.1890's Drug store
7.Front Page
8.Rainbow Farms Campground
9.Eating Marijuana FAQ
10. Rainbow Farms end

May 2012
1 Medical Marijuana
2 My Drug Tests
3 Gascon for President
4 Ditchweed
5 Eating Marijuana FAQ
6 John Galt jr's place
7 Obama Biggest mistakes
8 Same shit different piles
9 Rainbow Farms Campground
10Drug Testing in America

Top Tracking March 2012

1 Gascon for President
2 Medical Marijuana
3 John Galt jr's place
4 Drug Testing in America
5 Rainbow Farms Campground
6 My Drug Tests
7 Obama Biggest mistakes
8 1890's Drug store
9 Yesterday's News
10 Rainbow Farms end

Top Tracking Jan 2012

#1 Gascon for President
#2 2012 Election Coverage
#3 Rainbow Farms Campground
#4 Medical Marijuana
#5 Obama Biggest mistakes
#6 Same shit different piles
#7 Yesterday's News
#8 Homeless again
#9 My Drug Tests
#10 Banned from Hub Pages

Top Tracking August 2011

1 Ditchweed
2 Rx Marijuana
3 Letters
4 Drug Testing in America
6 Colorado Springs protest
7 Ron jon for President
8 John vrs Drug Tests
9 John Galt jr's place
10Rainbow Farms Campground

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