So what happens when a country or a world puts too many eggs in one economic basket? The basket either overflows, or tips over and in the end, you have a mess to clean up. Who can clean up this mess?
The government?

There is not a lot the government can do, and still stay in it's normal parameters. Some stimulators;

2. Legalize Marijuana at the Federal level turn it back to the states, those who embrace, medical marijuana or hemp, will have immediate growth in growing and distribution business.

3. Why are we building bridges to the future and bridges to nowhere?, While bridges are falling in to disrepair and just plain falling down all over the country. It doesn't matter, who pays for it or when, it's a no brainer fix them now or when they fall down. Fixing bridges will help fix the economy, with thousands of jobs.

4. Prepare for the future. Mother nature has not been kind in recent years. Snow storms, Tornados hurricanes cyclones, floods, wild fires, give us a constant flow of destruction. Refugee Camps should be built in every state, for when there are needed. Closed factories, malls, hotels, even whole downtown areas are ready for easy renovations.
Why can't we just get ready for something instead of reacting afterwards?
What else can government do?

Who can really help?

The Rich and the middle class

What this country needs most right now is serious cash influx, it doesn't matter from whom, if they got it, it needs to be invested in real businesses, the ones that produce and sell real goods. Venture capitalists, need to get money out of the stock market poker games and invest in small business. We also need serious investments in the service of our infrastructure, particularly homes, and run down public housing. One thing is for sure the economy will not recover, while everybody is waiting for going out of business sales, to make their major purchases.

Property owners and Landlords

The people who can help the most right now is those who own properties. If they would lower their expectations and rent or give low or free rent for start up of small business. We also need lower rents for citizens, because many Americans have had to take lower paying jobs. If a few good minded people with a few dozen rentals in any area would just slash rents, even if just for a year or two, their actions could force others in the market place to do the same. The problem here is that many if not most of those properties are owned and run by soulless corporations, who can't see beyond the moment to help fund the future.


Give someone a job, even if you don't need to, if every employer in the country hired just one person, economic recovery will be just around the corner.

How can you help?

As a lowly citizen about the best thing you can do is spend some of your savings, go out to dinner once a week. Give cash to a needy person, Start a small business.

Capitalist theory says that in down times like this that deflation occurs, perhaps capitalism needs a push instead of a handout.
Perhaps capitalism is a lie when run by corporate greed and will soon die a violent death.

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