Too Many Killed by Police

Here are articles that prove many of our police have no regard for the lives of citizens they are paid to protect

With hundreds, of videos now on the internet showing officers shooting unarmed citizens with the justification that they were in fear of their lives, even though suspects are running away, handcuffed or already in custody. How can people continue deny that police are out of control? Due process is dying a slow and ugly death in this country, one cold blooded, state sanctioned murder at a time.
Having watched a couple hundred of these videos from body cams and dash cams, one thing is very obvious, the officers are completely aware their voices are being recorded and the videos don't follow the action.
This becomes very obvious when citizens make the recording and you see the officer yelling over and over show your hands, while the hands are in clear view or shouting stop resisting while they are smothering some teenager, with a 300 pound padded body.

Another thing I noticed is every time the officer of the law is the one who shoots first, and as soon as the officer empties his clip, he gets on the radio and screams shots fired, shots fired, always not mentioning that he was the one doing the shooting. This way when six or eight or twenty of his fellow cops rush to the scene, with weapons drawn, and no idea what so ever is going on, they have to figure out for themselves if they too are suddenly afraid for their lives...

And I still have to wonder, what this so called law that is being broken when they arrest some one for resisting without violence, which in practice seems to be saying the word No to a police officer or informing them that they are violating civil rights or otherwise breaking laws themselves.

Some encounters with Peace officers follow:

April 7, 2015 South Carolina Cop Shoots unarmed man in back eight times and then plants "evidence" his stun gun by the body. Cop said he was in fear of his life...

Friday, 06 April 2012 Unarmed Black Woman Shot and Killed by Chicago Police Officer

2006: Just hours before his wedding, 23-year-old Sean Bell leaves the strip club hosting his bachelor party, jumps into a car with two friends, and is killed when police fire 50 shots into his vehicle, wounding his friends. Police say they opened fire after Bell rammed his car into an unmarked police van filled with plainclothes officers. They say they followed Bell and his friends outside the club suspecting that one person in their group had a gun. Referring to Bell and his friends, Mayor Bloomberg told the Associated Press "there is no evidence that they did anything wrong." A judge acquitted the officers of all charges in 2008. A federal civil rights claim was filed by Bell's widow.

In the following Video, a man answers his door holding a screwdriver, Cops tell him to drop it and three seconds later shoot him and then watch him slowly bleed to death while they call the union rep...

2009 January 1: On New Years morning, three Bay Area Rapid Transit officers pull 22-year-old Oscar Grant and four other black men off a train in Oakland. You can view what happened afterwards in this Youtube video. In it, now former-transit officer Mehserle can be seen shooting Grant in the back. During the trial, Mehserle argued that he thought Grant was reaching for a gun near his waistband. To stop this from happening, Mehserle said he intended to Tase him, but shot him with a pistol instead. A judge will deliver his sentence in August. And the US Department of Justice is investigating the case.

2003: While surrendering on his knees in front of four Las Vegas police officers, Orlando Barlow is shot with an assault rifle by officer Brian Hartman from 50 feet away. Hartman argued that he feared Barlow was feigning surrender and about to grab a gun. Barlow was unarmed; a jury ruled the fatal shooting was "excusable." Hartman later resigned from the force a month before a federal probe uncovered that he and other officers printed T-Shirts labeled "BDRT" which stood for "Baby's Daddy Removal Team" and "Big Dogs Run Together." The probe also found that Hartman and other officers had used excessive force during two separate investigations and lied about it. Their punishment: the possibility of losing their jobs, The Las Vegas Sun reports.

June 10, 2009 Niles Meservey, 51, tries to drive away from a Washington state restaurant, but he's drunk. Officers are called to the restaurant parking lot to intervene. They block Meservey's car with their vehicles, shoot him with a Taser, and his car lurches forward. At that point, Officer Troy Meade fires seven shots with his handgun into Meservey's back, killing him. Jurors find Meade not guilty of second-degree murder and first-degree manslaughter, while also finding that he didn't act in self-defense. He will not spend time in jail.

February 2012 Michigan Father Killed in Marijuana Child Removal Incident

1999: "It looks like one guy may have panicked and the rest followed suit," a police official told The New York Times after the fatal shooting of 22-year-old Amadou Ahmed Diallo, a Guinnea-Bissau immigrant who was killed when four white New York police officers in plain clothes fired 41 shots at him, 19 of which hit his body. The officers said they thought Diallo was reaching for a gun when they shot him in the doorway of his apartment. Turns out it was his wallet. During the trial, the officers admitted that they never considered the situation (four strangers in an unmarked car with guns approaching a guy on his stoop at night) from Diallo's point of view. They were acquitted of all charges.

2010 January 29: Portland police officers get a call to check on a suicidal and armed man at an apartment complex. Aaron Campbell, 25, comes out of the apartment walking backward toward police with his hands over his head. The Oregonian reports that police say Campbell ignored their orders to put his hands up. At which point one officer fired six bean bag shots at his back. Witnesses say they saw Campbell reach his arm around his back, where the beanbag struck him. Officer Ronald Frashour says he saw Campbell reach both hands around his waistband to get a gun, and so he shot Campbell in the back with an assault rifle. "We feel that his death resulted from flawed police policies, incomplete or inappropriate training, incomplete communication and other issues with the police effort,'' a jury wrote after charging the police officer with no criminal wrongdoing.

October 2009 Pensacola Florida. Cops chase teenager Victor Steen on bike, taser him and then run him over with a patrol car. Video Removed

Jan 2010 Porterville, Calif. police officers shoot and kill another Victor Steen after stopping him for a traffic violation he committed while riding his bike. Officers say they struggled with Sheen, Tasered him, and chasing him to his mother's house where they broke down the door and the altercation continued, until they shot him. The officers were cleared of any wrongdoing.

October 2012 NYC Queens: An Unarmed Army reservist shot and killed by police at traffic stop on Grand Central Parkway near LaGuardia Airport An Army reservist with a clean record was fatally shot in his car by an NYPD detective early Thursday — before he even had “a chance to put his hands up” in surrender, a witness told the Daily News.
Noel Polanco, 22, was killed on the Grand Central Parkway in what witness Diane DeFerrari called an act of “pure road rage” following a terrifying chase by cops in an unmarked vehicle.
“Noel didn't have a chance to put his hands up. They screamed, ‘Put up your hands!’ and shot at the same time,” said DeFerrari, a 36-year-old bartender who was riding in the front passenger seat. “It was simultaneous. There was a pop and Noel gasped.”

Tyrone Brown, a 32-year-old former Marine from East Baltimore, is shot 12 times in a crowded bar after an off-duty Baltimore police officer fires 13 rounds at him for groping one of the officer's lady friend's. That officer, Gahiji Tshamba, was indicted for murder and faces a maximum life in prison charge if convicted. His attorney had argued that Tshamba "did what he had to do."

March 20: After hearing a loud sound, Los Angeles police officers Allan Corrales and George Diego turn their marked car around and see Steven Eugene Washington, 27, walking down the street while looking around and touching something near his waist. The officers say something to Washington. He then approaches them while seemingly removing something from his waistband. Thinking Washington is armed, they fire. One bullet strikes Washington in the head, killing him. Soon afterward, his family announce that Washington was autistic, had learning disabilities, and was generally afraid of strangers. His mom filed a claim for damages with no word yet on whether a lawsuit will follow. The officers have not been charged with a crime.

5/10/95, Beaver Dam, Dodge Co, WI, Wisconsin State Journal. Scott Bryant (29) was killed by Dodge County Sheriff Detective Robert Neuman. Neighbors claim that the door was kicked down without warning and Bryant immediately shot. The cops claim that they knocked and announced that they had a warrant for marijuana, but Detective Neuman also claims that he does not remember shooting Bryant!

3/26/94, Dorchester, Boston, MA, CNN. Hazaline Williams, a 75 year old retired minister died under the attentions of 13 narcotics agents who raided his home. No drugs were found. Rev Williams was handcuffed and thrown to the floor. This was considered necessary, even though he was a frail 75 year old. After ransacking his apartment and finding no drugs, it was noticed that the perpetrator had died choking on his own vomit. William's crime was to have his address confused with that of a drug dealer fingered by a confidential informant. The police have apologized to his widow, but maintain that because their informant was right twice before, they were within their rights. They even said that this shows just how dangerous drugs are to the community!

Donald Scott, a 61-year-old wealthy Malibu rancher, was murdered in 1992 by a joint task force in a effort as an attempt to use forfeiture laws to slice up Scott's considerable assets between the participating agencies.

2000 Mario Paz, a 65-year-old father of six and grandfather of 14, was shot dead in his Compton, California, home by officers from the nearby El Monte Police Department who were engaged in an ongoing investigation. Again, it was an early-morning putsch on an uncomprehending victim. It turns out a suspected pot dealer had used Paz's address as a mail drop. And once again no marijuana was found, nor was any police officer charged with murder. In January, Simpson attorney Johnnie Cochran filed a suit on behalf of Paz's survivors, accusing the cities of El Monte and Compton of wrongful death and conspiracy to violate Paz's civil rights.

9/4/2001 Campground owner shot by FBI

May 28 2014 Baby blown up when swat team throws stun grenade into playpen

Sometimes the police just kill you, Sometimes they just kill your dog... Of course not all the time, sometimes they just beat you run you over with their cars, mace, pepper spray or taser you, though it seems they like to handcuff you beforehand...

FEBRUARY 15, 2014 SWAT Team Kills 80 Year Old Retired Engineer in Bed During Raid For Non-Existent Drugs

Death by Officers: An American Epidemic of Police Shootings and Brutality

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