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As always I give the standard disclaimer that links disappear very quickly without notice, if a link is dead, E-mail me and I will update or remove it. What I find most disturbing about Political links is that many of them have had no updates since a week or so before the last election. Politics in America, 3 months every four years... John Galt jr
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Political Resource Directory
Yahoo! Political Directory


Federal Election Commission
Rock the Vote
Yahoo! Elections Directory


Mother Jones for National Progress
House Democratic Leadership

The Cato Institute
The Christian Coalition
Government is Not God PAC
The John Birch Society
Senate Republican Policy Committee


Thomas Library of Congress
The White House
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate

National Park Service

This site of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) contains the full-text of NIDA Notes which contain information on drug research studies, summaries of the NIDA Monograph Series which cover a broad array of drug-related issues, and links to other sites such as the American Psychological Association and the College of Drug Dependence which serves to link governmental, industrial, and academic communities around drug issues.

The Department of Justice has links to various sites of interest, including the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), contains numerous full-text DEA publications, press releases, and transcriptions of congressional testimony.

The site of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA) is fairly sparse, although it contains SAMSHA's mission statement which, surprisingly, seems to be in line with harm reduction policies.

This is the site of the Library of Congress, which has links to federal, state and local government web sites. Also called Thomas, as in Thomas Jefferson, has the full-text of Senate and House bills. The bills are searchable online by key words, name of Congressman, or bill number. The site also lists ways to get in touch with Congressmen.

John Galt Jr.'s Politics page

Project Vote Smart -

USElections.com - Your Lead to the 2012 Presidential Elections


Politics1 - American Politics, Elections, Candidates & Campaigns

Human Rights & the Drug War

Politics and Marijuana Links
Marijuana Revolution John Galt jr for President in 2016 Legalize It !!!
US NY: Violent, Sadistic, Racist Officers of the Law.[Drug War]
U.S. Slowly Drifting Toward a Police State. [& Reagan]
Drugnews Index (All Articles)

Prisons, America's Newest Growth Industry. [& NRA help]
Canada: Courts Weeding Out Marijuana Offenders
Top Ten Reform Victories [Razor Wire, Feb/Mar 1998]
A real live shooting war in America. [DRCNet,3/6/98]

1998 Penn State University Marijuana Smoke Outs.
The Symbolism of the Green Triangle

UK: The Drugs World War - What went wrong?
N.Y. Times report of 1,725,842 inmates at midyear 1997.
US: Prison Population Up Nearly 100,000 Nationally in 1997.

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