Inspired groups of words

and the woman I love...
more than Life itself
a true soulmate?

Some call her gypsy, some call her Sehlis

Makes of two fractional lives a whole;
it gives two purposeless lives a work,
and doubles the strength of each to perform it;
it gives to two questioning natures a reason for living,
and something to live for;
it will give a new gladness to the sunshine,
a new fragrance to the flowers, a new beauty to the earth,
and a new mystery to life.
Mark Twain

Darling, I need you in my life,
I love you so much, I made you my wife,
how could forever turn to never?

I cant help but to think of us.
you and me and Lucky,
in the back seat of the bus.   
How did forever turn to never?

We spoke of porches and
sitting on swings,
we shared so many many things
How can forever turn to never?>

You said love was forever
we tied our lives together
Then how come we're not together?
when did forever turn to never?

Hearts change, I know they do.
But this heart, is the heart of a fool
it's my heart but it still belongs to you,
cause sometimes forever is forever

Empty Blackboard

Today I did the hardest thing I ever had to do in my entire life...
I had to ask the women I love to return
the symbol of our love commitment and faithfulness,
the wedding band I had given her some sixteen years ago.
Because while two outta three ain't bad
one out of three really sucks.
The acceptance of losing forever the woman whom
I expected to be rocking with on the porch
in my golden years was overwhelming.
When I realized that my entire reality was gone,
I never really believed that it could, or would be over.
Now I start on a new day, and a new life,
an empty blackboard and no chalk in site...


What about Lucy?

Everybody is always asking
"Why does Charlie Brown keep letting Lucy hold the football?"
It seems to me that Charlie Brown has trust
and the belief that someone can change
He may fall in love and marry her when they grow up,
which is why he never grows up,
but I think the important question here really is
"Why does Lucy keep pulling the ball away?"

By R.E. Gascon

Cold Hearted Bitch By Darkside

Cold hearted bitch, once again
using only a butter knife.
ripped my heart from my chest
threw it on the floor.
I stared at her intensely as she
stomped up and down
on all the love I freely had given,
I wondered why is it
that even while she abuses me
I still love her.

after the tenderizing it
she ground my heart into hamburger.
she balled it up and
threw it back to me.
As I struggled with task
of replacing my mangled organ, she said
"don't worry whatever doesn't kill
you will make you stronger"
while I lay there wondering
which it would be this time,

she said."same time next year"
Then she walked out of my life again.
and I wondered why I still loved
the cold hearted bitch

Twenty years later, the saga finally ends?
You tried to kill the love within me
with lies, rudeness and unkind words
while still saying we are friends?
Well friend I promise you this,
the next time you touch me
I'll be even colder than you...

And that's what happened I explained to my friend,
He said "yeah I used to love a women like that"
Yeah I replied, "what happened to you"
Well, he replied she found another guy, I found alcohol
really man he continued Alcohols better, you know its killing you
but at least you know why

By Darkside

Well another seven years have gone by,
Still we stand eye to eye...
and you are a part of my life again?
and once again words escape me,
should I be happy or cry?
If I make a choice do I need a reason why...
the love we had, like the past is gone,
my heart feels like a lonely pawn.

Emotional Condom

I wear an emotional condom,
so that I can be near and away
from her that I love and hate,
from the one who mangled my heart
she who says her love is for me

The thin wall between us protects my sanity,
it divides me between the quiet resolve of my ego
and the loud sensual rhythmic passions of my Id
ultimately keeping me from the joy I wanted 
all the while protecting me from loneliness 
and the darkness of despair that I fear so much.

So I'll wear this emotional condom,
until after the bleeding stops,
until after the pain goes away,
until after the scars have healed,
I will wear this emotional condom,
perhaps forever and a day.

Darkside 9/29/98

I will always love you,
you should know this to be true
if you don't understand you haven't a clue
there have been many times you have said I was insincere
But whenever you needed me I was here
there have been many times I let you go free
How many times did you come back to me?
now once again we have a family
once again you want to take it from me
After all the years
and the buckets of tears
I am still attached like glue
I can't see living without you
I need you more now than ever before
all you can do is point toward the door
So as we end again
I have but one question
perhaps a suggestion
what part of forever don't you understand
you are my woman I am your man.

Now you see what the problem here is that while gypsies and Nomads often travel the same roads together,
their destinations are entirely different,
So now again we will travel separate roads.

I wish you a happy and safe trip and I pray someday our paths may cross again,
I could hold your hand and gaze lovingly into your eyes and remember all the good times,
in other lives and on other roads...

and you always will remain the love of my life