I have always been a firm believer in separation of corporation and state. That is to say that I am against corporate welfare and against corporations giving monies to support candidates. However since the ruling parties love all that soft cash, which is tantamount to simple bribery the game continues at the expense of the environment, and the will of the people. The record shows again and again that "our representatives" almost always vote the way their biggest campaign donations would like. With the advent of mega corporations, earning billions of dollars a year, simple folks just can't afford to buy government anymore. What's even worse is those same corporations give equally to both parties and couldn't really give a shit who wins, because in the end they will still buy their way. So I have been wondering for sometime just who is running this country anyway?

The answer has been delivered along with our newest coin. The new Golden Dollar, the first coin of the new millennium, features a striking portrait of Sacagawea. Well sort of no-one knows what see actually looked like, so a generic "Indian" model was chosen to sit for the portrait. Anyway I stray a bit... The new dollar coin is being distributed exclusively by Wal-mart and Sam's club which arguably are the same company. Let's get this straight the banks have been excluded from the distribution of this coin. Aren't the banks supposed to be our "money stores"?
How and why did Walmart corner the production of the US Mint?
Is this exclusive agreement fair to the small businessman or the other mega corporations that compete with Wal-mart?
Don't the Monopoly laws apply to the distribution of legal tender?
When will we find out the truth behind this sweet deal and at what cost to the American public?

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