Friends Activists, Citizens,

From August 1995 until the present and through November 2016, I ran the longest Presidential Campaign in the History of the United States.
So how come I didn't get elected and why did you never hear of me?
Most of what I said and posted along the way is archived here. Asked time and time again Why?
For the same reason this website will continue long beyond the campaign, to put ideas out there.

When I started in 1995 no Candidates were talking about Marijuana, the federal reserve, or getting rid of pennies.
Now these ideas have crept into the mainstream of politics...

Ask Yourself Have the Democrats or the Republicans as a whole supported the people or Corporate America?
Do you understand that you and each of your children are $60,000 in debt to pay for the war on terror and the economic bailouts?
Do you realize that prices that doubled during the Bush Administration and are still on the rise and the only ones that have benefited from the bailouts are the bankers and super rich investors whose short sited greed driven policies caused this economic mess?

If you come to the same conclusions that I have, you will decide that the reign of the Republicrats should be ended. Enough is enough, It's time to change the game.

My 2016 campaign focused on such trivialities as Forced blood draws, Cavity searches, no knock raids, thousands killed by the police and asset forfeiture, while our "other candidates" were talking about email scandals and the size of Trumps hands...

For those of you who choose not to read about it,
I present a few videos to help you think about the future...


Wrestling with Politics

My first recorded Public Speech

May 7 1998 speech in front of the Penn State front Gate...

The 2004, 2008 and 2012 Presidential campaigns cost over one billion dollars each. A billion dollars to brainwash the sheeple into believing that they have no other choices.
Obama set a new record on his spending spree to get elected. Where did this money coming from and just what did it buy?
Wouldn't it be great if someone spent that kind of money to help the working poor?
America's new family value is the four income family that is still not making enough to keep their homes.
In 2004 and 2008 I was the only candidate answering all questions about any body's issues...
If you don't think you have any issues, think again, read the platforms, read the new laws, look at the future being created for you and your children without your input...

Margaret Mead once said "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

I am looking for that small group of thoughtful citizens but will settle for a loose net of over enthusiastic, highly optimistic patriots seeking social change.

What to Do?

How about creating a new form of government, an actual Democracy, continuously, promised by the Republicrates and never delivered, where all Americans can be free and lifted from poverty.

The War on terror

More and more Americans have come to oppose the war, the war hawks and high government officials and even the Republican Party is trying to distance themselves from this war, and the U.S. citizens are more than willing to pull out of Afghanistan. Cost of the War in Iraq was over 800 billion dollars 4000 young Americans lives. We went there to find weapons of mass destruction and to kill the evil Saddam Hussein, We bombed and destroyed the entire country. Saddam has been captured tried and hanged. Still, the war continued at 60 billion per year and no one thinks it will ever bring about a democratic self sustaining government.

Add to that the continuing war in Afghanistan is costing almost a billion a month. We went there to find and Kill Bin Laden. Blew up the entire country, toppled the government and eventually found the man in Pakistan. Now Obama wants to send thousands more of our children overseas to die in Afghanistan?
Now we are having bombing raids in Pakistan as well. Still no rational planner has yet been able to put forward a credible possible end-date for any of these enterprises.

Imagine how different the country and the world would be today,
if Bush and Obama had spent this same amount of money to foster economic growth at home?

So once again I throw my hat into the ring. In 2016 we will have a different world, Do you want the same idiots to run (ruin) it more?
I Promise if I am elected President I will...

While faithfully following all sworn duties of the office and while babysitting Congress,
doing everything possible to keep them from passing anymore stupid laws and ......

Call for a new Constitutional Convention to return this country to a path marked by Tolerance, Common sense, Peace and Freedom and equality of everyone, and perhaps while we are at it we can find out what ever happened to the "Pursuit of happiness"?

I will apologize to every country that has been attacked, bullied or coerced by the military or
policies of the United States in the past four decades.
I will recall all American troops posted but not invited on foreign soil.

The war on terror will be turned over to Homeland Security

Social Security
The Social Security Systems problems are inherent of the basic pyramid plan scheme that Social Security is...
I personally believe that Social Security should be allowed to shrivel up and die and be replaced with personal security accounts in banks. It's what they used to call savings. I personally think that forced savings is an insult, but if the people have no willpower... However many people think that this would be cruel and unfair to those who paid in so much and would get nothing in return. But hey, are these not the same exact people who stood back and did nothing as the government spent our grand children's future? Besides even if the SSI system fails we have other nets like welfare.
The plan I would push for as President would be as follows

1. Lower the SSI withholding to 10% and double the ceiling
2. Set up ISA (Individual Security Accounts) for all U.S. Citizens 10% collected by the employer and direct deposited to ISA in credit unions at fixed (5%) rates. Monies to be untouchable, except upon 65 aged or becoming permanently or serious disability.
3. After ten years make SSI optional and free it from the government to exist as a publicly held insurance company and what happens after that will be dictated by the wiles of capitalism.

Housing and Homeless

It should be apparent to anyone who is paying attention that the number of homeless people is ever increasing here in our country. Also equally apparent is that our neighborhoods are dotted with boarded up, abandoned and foreclosed homes. Using comprehensive plan based on or in concert with Habitat for humanity, the Country could use Eminent domain to take over these properties and use the homeless community to repair and rebuild these houses with the houses being given to those who are willing to commit their time to the projects, thereby creating long term low cost housing for those who need it the most. Creating small group homes would create jobs and save these buildings from decaying away. Housing could be based solely on income 20% seems a good number to me.
Rezone and remodel old industrial Complexes with a mixture of homes and small business
suspend pending foreclosures for an additional year. Bankers created this problem they shouldn't be benefiting from it. Allow all Americans to use up to 40% of their ISA to secure, pay off or fix up their homes.

Credit Crunch
The main goal of the credit card companies AKA the Banks (yes they are one and the same) is to rip off the American people for every possible cent and keep them in debt as long as possible, so that they can lend money to multi-national corporations that have sent all our jobs over seas. What happened to Usury laws? Every state has usury laws limiting the amount that lenders can charge in interest. Most states this amount is between 12% and 18%. Banks have given themselves a license to charge unreasonable amounts of interest (now up to 79.9%) to individuals by making them sign arbitration agreements when getting a card.
What arbitrators do is enforce the terms of the contract not the terms of law.
What to do?
Enforce usury laws that are on the books!!!

Re-Evaluate credit practices pertaining to individuals. Regardless of what you are told, credit is all too easy to get in this country. The reason behind this it is highly profitable for the banks and credit card companies to fleece you for every cent possible. I would like to see legislation enacted that would forbid banks and institutions from charging more for an overdraft or credit extension, than the extension itself. Common practice by banks and credit card companies is if you overdraw by as little as a few cents, you are assessed charges as high as $40. That is to say you overextend yourself by a dollar, and they charge you $40 for the privilege of using a dollar for as little as a day? and if it's a checking account, they will often send the check back for that dollar and deduct $40 from your account, taking the cash for themselves and leaving you far worse off than you were. Another way of fleecing the public is cash advance fees, and ATM charges. Using cash machines you can be charged anywhere from 5% to 15% to get money that is already yours, or to which you are entitled. This is on the spot charges in addition to the up to 27% interest that some of these easy credit companies charge. What ever happened to usury? All these fees are non-refundable, even if you pay the money back, the next or even same day!!!

What to do?
Limit ATM charges to $1
Limit credit cards to 18% max interest
Late charge limited to smaller of not more than one month interest or $25
No more than a years earnings worth of credit between all cards issued to a single person
Limit Housing loans to 10% maximum interest, and require a minimum of 25 - 40% down payment.

Planet Earth Bicycles all around..
Candidate plans to take in order to slow/attempt to stop the process known as global warming?.

I am a fan of alternative energy sources. I think geothermal and solar are the most ignored and have the greatest potential. When most people talk about energy the conversation usually turns to automobiles, for me it turns to homes. Do you know that in the 1930's some homes and building were constructed that needed little to no heat? Envelope houses, rock energy storage (solar and geothermic together), solar heated and geothermic heating and cooling should be on top of our agenda when saving energy... Super insulated houses can be heated by body and cooking heat alone... Solar assisted systems for heating water, drying clothes and lighting of homes would also save fossil fuels. I also am anti - trucking and anti-flight, rails are a much more efficient use of energy. Along the same route I think we should support local business instead of importing goods from around the world or across the country. Full implementation of these ideas would cut fossil fuel use in half easily...

Build as many Windmills as there are radio transmission towers perhaps they could be converted?
Serious promotion of people/solar/alternative/hybrid powered cars.
Particularly in cities and flat areas where they will implement the easiest.

A serious cut back on all aeronautics from Personal jets to the Air Force.
Air force jets alone used 5.8 billion dollars worth of jet fuel in 2006, that is about 2.6 billions gallons of fuel being burnt up in our atmosphere every year, just by the air force. I am also sure we could use less air shows.
If there are serious problems developing in the upper atmosphere, I would tend to look at Airplanes before cow farts.

Change driving age to 18 for the whole country. Saves lives, air, gas, money, slows teen age parenting

I would by executive order suspend the use aerial distribution of all herbicides
See also Global Warming and the greenhouse effects

Economy What happened to the economy?
Are we ready for a new kind of economy?

What can we do to help the Economy?
Enact the One big fix Plan
Create a Million jobs a year through small business loans and grants
Create local opportunities, with ISA funds.

Health Care and Insurance
How does the candidate plan to decrease the cost of healthcare for all citizens?

I am against any attempt to federalize Health Care.
The truth is that we have plenty of nets around, between Medicare, Medicaid, Private or public insurance and charity, if you fall through enough cracks someone will catch you. If you don't get the help you need you aren't trying very hard...

Improvements and Fixes?

Lawsuit limitations,
Saying any man's life is worth a million dollars is an insult to the rest of us who will likely never see a million dollars in our whole lifetime.

Allow imported prescription drugs and shorter patents on life saving drugs and procedures.

Homeland Security
Repeal the Patriot Act. All the soldiers I bring home will be looking for jobs. We need beefed up border patrols, on the borders, at the shipping yards and at the airport. I would do everything possible to stop the flow of Terrorists, Illegals and Dangerous imported narcotics. America will basically be closed to those from abroad

Crime and criminals

In the United States we now have the world's highest incarceration rates, and the government seems hell bent on increasing the number of people in the system. How can this happen in a free democratic society?

This is why we need change now not in forty years. With a high percentage of our youth in jail, and millions more on probation or parole supervision the government is trying to control what once were basic freedoms. The largest number of these people are under government control for non violent drug offenses, most of them for marijuana. For the most part these are youthful indiscretions, the average drug user is 18 - 25 years old. These people have not harmed anyone, perhaps not even themselves. A person convicted of these charges in this country (or a person who just failed a drug test) are now denied student aid, employment, and welfare benefits. Now if you can't get an education, a job or collect benefits, a life of crime is about all that is left. A third of our population is being turned into criminals by our government so they can fill future jails. If we want less crime we need less laws. I will plead with Federal and State Legislators to end all mandatory minimum sentencing and three strikes laws for non violent crimes and set higher penalties for violent crimes.
Establishment of permanent Penal colonies, for people have proven they can't act in a responsible way that society needs.
That is to say three strikes at violent felonies and your are put away forever, never to have any contact or help from the outside world again.


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Ronald E. Gascon
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