Ganja Replenishment of America

Make the most you can of the Indian Hemp seed and sow it everywhere."

--President George Washington, 1794--

Welcome to an associate page of Project GROW 420.

Grow 420 through the eyes of Darkside the Ganja Master

The goal: Wildly growing marijuana plants everywhere

Cannabis is a natural species of plant that flourished on this Earth long before we humans came along. It is only in the past century that its free growth has been oppressed in America by "the moral majority".

We believe that every person of mature age should have the right to grow and use marijuana. We also believe that it is our duty to restore this natural resource to the soil of America where it can grow and multiply as it was meant to do.

We suggest that every marijuana smoker in the United States do the following. Begin by saving every seed from the marijuana that you smoke. On April 20th, (4/20) plant all of your seeds. Simple. By about September, the first generation of free weed will be mature. The plants will cross-pollinate and their seeds will spread by the wind and by natural predators-- the same way every other weed does. Once this happens, the marijuana plant will begin to take its place as North America's most popular weed. The sheer quantity of freely growing marijuana will have profound effects on our culture. Pot prices will plummet. Getting buds to smoke will be as easy as taking a walk.

Marijuana grows best if planted in temperatures over 70 degrees, and by April 20th most of North America is at the perfect temperature to launch our mission. Of course, if April 20th happens to be in the middle of a frost where you live, use your common sense and wait a few days. No matter where you live you have at least a six week window of opportunity.

You ask what if I get caught?
Two words from that patriot Ollie North Plausible deniability.
Walking with a member of the opposite sex or with a dog is an easy out.
You may also wish to use the Highway clean up scam, because you can do two things for your country at the same time. All you need to do is get a small group some orange vests and pick up litter along the highway while planting seeds.

First you need the tools of the trade. Seeds to plant, A backpack, some topsoil, water, a small garden claw tool, some birdseed and a full bladder. Seeds should be soaked 18 - 24 hours between two wet paper towels, make sure you don't drown them but don't let them dry out. It's always a good idea to have a place in mind before trekking out.

Pick your planting spot carefully... Between 1/2 to 2 miles from civilization should do just fine. Try for land that is owned by the State, feds, or large corporations. Parks and natural forests are prime targets. The best planting ground is under partially shaded forest areas-- it's also the hardest to spot. Maple or oak trees produce good environments, pine trees generally don't. Look for trees with bushes, grasses, mosses, and other small plants growing under them because these are signs of good moist ganja soil. Soil that is too wet or too dry is bad for the plants. Avoid bogs, swamps, marshes, dry areas. Use your claw tool to make small holes for your seeds. Marijuana plants will grow almost anywhere provided water and light. Some places don't have the required topsoil, so we have brought some along. In Many areas you can move small rocks and fill the hole with topsoil. (instant flower pot) Wet the soil and plant seeds 1/4 to 1/2 inch under the surface. Crumble some dry leaves over the area to cover the deed (don't use a lot or whole leaves plants may not be able to get through) Keep the plants spaced at least 2- 3 feet apart from each other so they can grow nice big roots. Never plant in rows or place more than a dozen plants within sight of each other. Congratulations your seeds are now planted!!! So what's the birdseed for and why is my bladder so full? Both are for nature. Scattering birdseed near planting areas will give the small rodents (that love baby plants) something to eat. Throw a couple hand fulls into the air about 30 feet from planting areas. Marking your territory with urine will keep many animals away often until the next rain, since most grazing animals follow the same paths for an entire year, one spray of the area may keep them away for a whole season.

Harvest? Your safest option is not to harvest at all. This ensures maximum reproduction of the plants without any legal risk to yourself. If you do harvest, don't cut down more than 1/2 of your plants so there will be enough to multiply.

Field stripping is the safest method, You can cut individual buds off the plant. Take out any seeds by hand and save them future use. The remaining leaves must be dried or "cured" before smoking to ensure maximum potency. Place your crop on a cookie sheet or aluminum foil and put them on the middle shelf of the oven which is set about 200 degrees cook five minutes, Stir it up a little and cook for five more minutes. Leave uncovered for a few hours. That's it. Roll up, smoke up, and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Package the leftovers in sealed containers (check after 24 hours to make sure they are fully dry or you'll have moldy herbs.)

Project GROW 420 is an easily achievable reality. With the help of the Internet we can reach a million volunteers necessary for success. If each of these people plant around 100 seeds then we'll have 100 MILLION seeds in the ground.

This is your chance to be a part of the largest organized pro-marijuana movement in history. Tell everyone you know. Tell other webmasters about our site. Not all pot smokers have internet access so spread the word with posters, flyers, T-shirts, bumper stickers, and rallies! Nothing is here copyrighted, feel free to use anything here. Save your seeds with pride and when 420 comes, plant them with care.

You all know that there several groups and many dedicated individuals who work on this project every year for at least ten years. So where is all that wild pot? Well I hear we do have confirmed wild patches growing in several states. However the changing weather patterns have had an adverse affect as well. Any I can't tell you where to get free pot, if you want to know then you will have to plant your own :)

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