Forced Blood Draws and worse

It seems like it was just a couple two years ago, when civil rights activists were practicing rational exuberance, when the Supreme Court Case Ends Forced Blood Draws in April of 2013.
However their ruling only opened a flood gate, by stating, without a warrant. Attorneys have argued that the forced blood draws are an unreasonable search, and constitute a violation of the Fourth Amendment. Georgia and Oregon are two out of numerous states that enforce the federally sponsored ‘no refusal’ checkpoints.

In 2005, the Supreme Court ruled that it is not unconstitutional to hold down Americans and forcefully withdraw blood. A January 2013 ruling affirmed that a warrant must be obtained for the process, although police could dispense with the warrant requirement in an “emergency”.

Now two years later, we have around 40 States considering or practicing this barbaric act at roadside at roadblocks. How can this be happening? Big loop hole, how else.

It was long held that traffic stops and roadblocks fall under the Fourth Amendment's protection against unreasonable searches and seizures because they limit our liberty of movement. A traffic stop or roadblock is valid when reasonable, and improperly obtained evidence may be suppressed from use in court against you.

A traffic stop normally occurs when a law enforcement officer signals a motorist to move to the side of the roadway and stop. The stop constitutes a seizure under the Fourth Amendment because it interferes with the motorist's freedom of movement.

In order for the stop to be valid under the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution, the officer must point to specific and articulated facts to support a reasonable suspicion or probable cause of criminal conduct. You would think that this would make roadblocks illegal, because there is no reasonable suspicion, to stop every car. However the courts have ruled that public safety overrules the rule (because we have to catch every person who has even a whiff of alcohol on their breath, while driving perfectly fine, because they might get in an accident and hurt or kill someone) Using the same logic we could get rid of rape by jailing all males 18-26 that have penises and do most of the raping. But i drift...

It used to be that if you refused a breathalyzer, your friendly neighborhood officer, would drag you to a hospital and have a nurse draw the blood. Because the State said it has implied consent, basically by getting a licence you have given implied consent to a breathalyzer.
Now your friendly neighborhood roadblock gets a roadside judge, with a packets of instant warrants, fill in the name and stamp and implied consent is suddenly for giving a blood, sample upon demand. So with your friendly neighborhood roadblock you get a nurse, later they will be replaced with EMTs or specially trained officers, but eventually it will be minimum wage trained monkeys drawing your blood. Later they will decided that a Judge isn't necessary and just have an officer of the court to stamp out warrants...

So this is our new world freedom, just be driving down the road minding your own business and you have to roll up your sleeve, and give blood in order to drive across town. Forget about drinking it's illegal.
Zero Tolerance at any cost, a government's war against it's own citizens.
Why? Money for Courts and lawyers and disenfranchising the citizenship so they can't even vote the scumbags out... Lets not forget to mention, That alcohol is not the only thing they are looking for now, legal marijuana, illegal marijuana, hosts of other illegal drugs and most prescription drugs, will get you a DUI.

Lets also not forget. Blood means DNA, the whole ball of wax, who you are, blood type, who you are related to, country of origin and you know it will be on file forever...

Forced blood draws are the nail in the coffins of freedom, and individuality. This is the number one issue we should be paying attention to...

THE Police State has arrived!!!

Feb 6, 2015 - AUSTIN, Texas Police choked out woman to perform forced blood extraction!

Since I joined in to the modern world as view through Facebook news feed and because I am an activist and there-fore have many activist friends, I have found myself viewing a great deal of content, that you have never or ever could see on TV. That being snuff films, and all of them staring Police officers. Beyond that I have seen cop throw punches and even beat upon the elderly, pregnant women, and teenagers (but seldom anyone their own size). Shoot and kill people armed with pen knives, box cutters, toy guns, and cell phones, as well as unarmed people with their hands in the air, and people already in handcuffs. But some times when you see something, you just can't unsee it; a couple weeks ago a video came to me, I can't remember if it was in the news feed, youtube or someplace else, I digress slightly.

There was no dialog or story sent with the video.
It began with two men in a very small room with a table. One man is sitting handcuffed on a chair or stool.
The men are talking, but you can't really make out what is being said.
The handcuffed man stands up and gets in the second mans face and starts shouting that they have no reason to be detaining him.
The other man presumably a police officer of some sort, starts punching the hell out of the man,
He is crying out "Why are you hitting me?"
The officer says "Why are you resisting" as he continues to hit the man over and over
A third man comes in and begins helping to beat the man some more.
Enter forth man wearing latex gloves, Now this is a tiny room, and its about filled up.
Next thing you can notice is that the handcuffed man who is now being held face down on the table is Screaming and crying like a baby "Why are you doing this to me?", at this point I notice that his pants have been pulled down around his ankles.
At this point I thought I was watching three men raping the handcuffed man, but no there is a perfectly good reason for everything!
The video ends when the fourth man, pulls his hand out from the handcuffed mans anus and says "Now that's how you do a cavity search"

My point, my message today?
A cavity search, appears to be a highly painful sadistic means of torture and is by no means a noninvasive search for evidence and if not already, should be banned as unconstitutional... There have been some gullible folks, who insist that, the person involved in police has to have done something wrong, or the police wouldn't be there, but like I said some people are gullible. But what if one innocent person was wrongly picked out was subject to these barbaric, and tactics as described above? How would he or she feel about the encounter?
What if that person was YOU?
Now a I know that there will be skeptics, after all why didn't I repost the video, like so many others?

Because, some times when you see something, you just can't unsee it.

Peace Freedom and Tolerance
Ronald E. Gascon
Write in candidate for US President

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