Hash Bash 1997

Close to a thousand die-hard Hempsters stood out in the pouring rain to
show support for the cause at the 26th annual Hash Bash, which was held
on Saturday, April 5th at the Diag of the University of Michigan in Ann
Arbor. Before the event got started around 20 people had already been
arrested for possession and consumption of our favorite weed, and the
small crowd made it as easy as shooting fish in a barrel for the police.

After a short delay due to sound difficulties the event got underway at
12:15. Adam Brook, Freedom Fighter of the year for 1994, emceed the
event. Speakers included authors Stephen Gaskin (Cannabis Spirituality),
and Dana Beal (The Ibogaine Story: Report on the Staten Island Project),
as well as Chef RA, Tom Harris, and The Lone Reefer who loudly implored,
"Throw your joints in the air," asking that those with extra joints
share with those who don't--a few generous tokers complied.
Kyle Kushman, also spoke and said, "You gotta show your colors and come
out of the closet." Other speakers included Rene Emery (a recent HIGH
TIMES Freedom Fighter of the Month who is stricken with multiple
sclerosis), Marvin Marvin, Susie Sunshine, Don Wirtshafter of the Ohio
Hempery, and Dan Viets of National NORML.

There was a street fair atmosphere to this year's event: vendors were
everywhere selling souvenirs of the event, handmade t-shirts, jewelry,
candles and smoking paraphernalia. There was even a vendor selling
hempseed cookies that were munchably delicious! After the rally on the
Diag of the University, people gathered at Pure Productions, a hemp
store in downtown Ann Arbor, to have their copy of Cannabis Spirituality
signed by author Steven Gaskin.

Although there was a small turnout due to weather the event was a
success. Everyone that showed up to scream out for justice and make
public their opposition to the Drug War deserves to be proud of their
involvement with the event.

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