Abortion and the big picture

Some people have told me that, I can't possibly run a presidential campaign, without taking a strong stance on abortion rights one way or the other. So what they are telling me is the best way to get elected is piss off half the voters from the get go? My position in all matters is that that compromise is the only answer. Is such a compromise possible?

I have to admit I have thought about what my life would be like, if my mom had made an abortion of me, it's seems better to me that she didn't. I guess the best place to start would be to examine my own feelings on the issue. The first question is "Do I have the right to have an opinion on this subject?" What we are talking about is a procedure between a woman and a doctor. I will say I have reservations about any doctor, who is willing to perform these procedures. To those who specialize in it try reading your Hippocratic oath again. Logic tells me, as an individual, that I have no say and therefore no opinion is necessary.

There was this picture on the cover of Life magazine, that the radical side of the pro-lifers wants to use as their new poster child. This picture I have an opinion about! The picture appears to be a baby reaching out of it's mother's womb. They say this proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that fetuses are people. Well guess what we already knew that. The real abortion question is whether or not it's murder to kill a fetus. This picture, if you read the story was posed, the doctor removed the little arm to make a photo opt! Here in lies the real story behind this picture. Who do these doctors think they are? Operations on fetuses, offends me as much, if not more than abortion. I can not believe, that such an invasive penetration in to the mothers body or the unborn baby's world could be necessary. I can not believe that this child will ever lead a normal life. Of course the Doctors will blame it on the "disease" that they were trying to fix in the first place. This child will likely live a short life full of pain and agony. It's medical expenses will pay for some doctors play toys. Money is what that picture is really about.

However I am not Vulcan, and have other influences, like morality and spirituality. Spiritually I accept all death as the ends to the means. We are all heading for the same imperative. How ever killing I have a problem with. In nature killing is pragmatic, you eat meat, you need to eat, you kill your dinner. The human race however has developed killing into artistic rituals, and devised killing machines, often without meaning or purpose. Guns Knives and bombs, never solved a problem. But I digress...

If I were in the situation where a women was carrying my child I would do everything in my power to protect that child. If said women, wanted to abort this child, I would do everything in my power to convince her to have the child and raise it myself. My spirit tells me it is the right thing to do. My spirit also tells me that if women were being forced to have abortions. That I would certainly take to the streets in outrage.

My real point is the problem has been solved, Roe vrs Wade. Settled, those who would like to kill their offspring can,(up to 14 weeks) and those of us who don't can believe that they and their doctors will burn in hell for all eternity. Seems like a fair compromise to me. I remember a famous spokesperson once said no compromise is a good compromise unless all parties are pissed off at the outcome...

So Abortion is here to stay, it will not go away, laws can't and won't stop it. Now that the question has been settled, what can anti-abortionists do to reduce the number of abortions being performed?
Is the ritual extraction of a fetus the problem or is it something else?
How about condoning safe sex or abstinence?
How about fighting date rape drugs? How about adopting unwanted children?
How about supporting RU-486 as the morning after cure?
How about banning inter-womb surgeries?
Abortion will go away if the need for it goes away...

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