My name is John Galt jr and I am running for president but, that is not why we are here today! I am here today because I am an activist. I have my hemp shirt, my protest sign, and my speech...
Because I am an activist I speak my mind and question authority every chance I get.
So how could I pass up the Ann Arbor Hash Bash...
I protest against nuclear weapons, against the pollution of our environment, against the wars we are waging around the world and at home... Yes I protest the loss of civil rights and the ill conceived war on drugs.

What I am going to talk about today is numbers.
over 700,000 people were arrested last year for possessing marijuana,
many of those were sick people who were simply using an age old family remedy
Because of increased enforcement of the marijuana laws,
that number will top a million this year
But hey that's only like a half of a percent of the population, no big deal right?

So what besides those already in jail 1 in 200 of us will get busted this year
It will make the good ole USA tops in incarceration.
Were #1 because we throw more of our citizens in jail than any other country in the world
Boy am I proud....
But how about some more numbers
Most marijuana smokers are between the age of 17-28
they represent almost 20% of the population, and these are the people who most often get busted, 1 in 40 of them, will get busted this year for owning Marijuana
and for those of you in this crowd is likely-hood is even higher
I'll bet by years end a large percentage of this crowd will be busted.
Look right there another person is being arrested as I speak!!!
It's time to put a stop to the insanity, it's time to protest!
It's time to vote the self-centered idiots running this country out of office
and on un-employment where they belong.

Lets now address America's favorite number 420
420 has clearly been accepted by not only a generation, but by the country as a whole as a sacred number representing the smoking of the sacred herb.
4/20 has been designated National Marijuana day by the American public,
Because we don't need no stinking Government to decide when our holidays will be!!!
On or near 4/20 there will be at least a dozen protests or gatherings all around the country.
There are also a number of 4/20 movements in the works that the entire country can participate in
One is the the green ribbon campaign, they are asking all supporters to don a green ribbon for a week to show your support for 420. I say wear your ribbon everyday, let it be yet another sign that we will not go away. I say wear your hemp, and where your leaves with pride. This hemp shirt I am wearing has started me on hundreds of wonderful conversations. If your going to wear "colors" let your color be green...
The second Campaign is mine, I am asking every in the country to step out in their front yard or where ever you mat be at 4:20 on 4/20 and light up for freedom and free will.
There will also be "planned spontaneous" gatherings happening on route 420's all across the country.
Another 420 movement is the grow 420 movement. Small guerrilla groups and individuals are planting seeds on public property, forests, parks, medians on major highways, and along rivers and canals and 4/20 is designated planting day. This is year two of the grow 420 project, it was projected that three years of intense planting would create so many wild plants that it would be impossible for any government agency to destroy it. Think about it they have been trying to get rid of ditchweed that they made farmers plant during WWII for thirty years and they haven't even made a dent yet. There is a good reason they are called weeds. The beauty of the grow 420 plan is all you have to do to join is save some seeds and go out and plant them. The other day I stopped at a target area from last year, and there are wild growing marijuana plants sprouting already, spring has sprung.
Thank you

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