Referendums for 2016

Anyone who believes the assertion of our forefathers that we the people are capable of making our own decisions, Should tell all the people that claim to be representing them exactly that: We will demand by letter, e-mail, fax, telegram, telephone and in person.

For referendums to:

Really Balance the federal budget
Freeze Federal Spending at one trillion dollars.

Impose twenty year life time term limits on federally elected or appointed officials.
Provide a lower flat tax rate for most of our citizens

Bring compassion to the war on drugs by Legalizing the possession, growth and use of marijuana and hemp products while maintaining most other drugs and substances at their current status.

Impose campaign finance reforms similar to these

We have been asking for most of these things since 1969! These items need to be put to the people on the ballot in each and every State of the union. The only concession we are willing to make is that the referendums could be non-binding. This will increase the chance of getting our rightful say, and then let us see whom in government (if anybody?) is really on your side.

I don't expect everyone to support all these issues, but pick the ones that hit you closest to the heart. Pick two ,three or jump on the whole band wagon, just get involved now before it's too late for our children... John Galt jr

Since 1969 Americans have been asking Congress and the Federal Government for several things. Congress has blatantly refused and played mind games in what can only be described as a conspiracy against the American people. These things are a balanced budget, campaign reform, a fairer and more compassionate drug policy, a flat tax, term limits and legalization or decriminalization of marijuana.

1. Congress dumped the balanced budget amendment again...A last minute switch by a former supporter, oh so well choreographed. Do you know who first proposed the balanced budget amendment? Thomas Jefferson in the 1780's...

2.Term Limits when last addressed were shot down as well in an amazing shell game, where everyone gets to support it but flushed it anyway.
Term limits are arguably most undemocratic in nature and rightly so, it seems that it would take away the peoples choice to elect the same morons into office over and over, but the truth is if we can't have Campaign reform we need Term limits and The yellow bellies currently controlling the future of our country will not do a damn thing to change the status quo as long as it keeps them in power and cash.

3. Our drug policy is completely absurd, we push our addictive drug of choice (Tobacco), all over the world to emerging nations and civilizations. We declare war then lock up our own citizens for smoking pot, while leaving our borders practically wide open for millions of tons of heroin and cocaine to pour in. We have turned our schools into juvenile detention centers complete with metal detectors, strip searches, lock downs and armed policemen walking the halls.
The governments current plan appears to be to lock up and brand a felon anyone who might support decriminalization or legalization, then when we all lose our rights to vote they will have won this battle... While trashing China for having political prisoners. Every person who is in jail in this country because of drugs is a political prisoner being held for exercising their right to the pursuit of happiness.

4. TAX REFORM Tax Reform I have been hearing it for over 40 years...
Yet Congress continues to think government is a growth industry and your chunk keeps rising !!!.

5. Campaign Reforms, the first two words forgotten by all politicians right after an election

6. Marijuana, we all thought it would be legal any day in the sixties and seventies. Then came Reagan / Bush trying to bring back the forties and now we have a higher percentage of the populous in prison than anywhere else in the world!

Sometime between now (That means today) and next week

Do not vote for any of these people

Who should we vote for?

Do not vote for any incumbent in state or federal representation. They have had their chance and have FAILED to represent the people.

Do not vote for any Republican or Democrat for national or state representation, these parties have had 150 years to represent the people. They have FAILED.

Do not vote for anyone who has a degree in law, I know this sound silly, but if you have ever had any dealings with a lawyer, you know they twist words, meanings and find loopholes. WE DO NOT NEED THESE PEOPLE to be WRITING THOSE LAWS, giving themselves and their colleagues more loopholes to conveniently find for thousands of $$$$$$$. We all know what is on lawyers' minds RETAINERS, BIG FEES, fat wallets from our pockets to theirs.

Do not believe any politician who suddenly seems to have a change of position, they have a tendency to LIE more near election time. Check their voting records to see who they represent...

There are dozens of other parties in this country, plus thousands of independent candidates. Take some time look for the right man or women who will represent YOU, don't worry about the rest of us. Vote for youth, Our country has been run by men over 60 years old for a hundred years. Do they really have any stake in the future? Their short-sighted politics will still be ruining our lives long after they are dead and buried. If by chance you can't find a suitable Candidate RUN YOURSELF. It is your civic duty to cause change...

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