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~Pieman says"It makes no sense to blame 20 million pot heads for hard drugs and crime any more than it makes sense to demonize them for Vietnam."

~ Tom says I was very impressed by your devotion and courage, to put on the protest despite the arrest of Dr. Heicklen, the continual harassment by the police, and the Saturday night riots
~ Dan Baum says The war on marijuana keeps the full fury of the War on Drugs -- with its urine testing, mandatory sentences and asset forfeiture -- aimed at the widest possible segment of the population. Without marijuana prohibition, our 12-million-person "drug problem" shrinks to about 2 million at most; drug policy shrinks from Cabinet-level jihad to sideshow.

~ Apollo's two cents I have given up on addressing the issues to those who support the Prohibitionist line because they have no intention of changing, I believe. They defy logic really and any semblance of rational judgement. In other words Prohibition is a "mindset", a "worldview" which is essential a form of "racism", which is "hatred"

~ Scott Says ~ I am not advocating the recreational use of drugs of any sort. This paper is
not about that. This paper is about arresting, prosecuting and incarcerating
people, many of whom have committed no crime other than to "get high," the
criminalization of which is difficult to justify in a free society.

~ Eric Schlosser ~ Marijuana gives rise to insanity

~ David says... The media are cowards! If people in the media fulfilled their obligation to a free society, there might be less extremism in the US. The only thing the media have protected, successfully, are their own necks and their own financial well-being

~ Doctor Tom says ~ All discussions of drugs and drug policy ultimately have to deal with the
ubiquitous "evil drug" paradigm. This idea has become a virtual demon
tormenting the cause of drug reform - it's a protean demon because it
assumes so many forms and intrudes itself into the debate in so many
unexpected ways.

~ Scotty J says Legalize marijuana! End the Drug War! Keep all other drugs illegal!

~ J. Miller If we kept even partial prohibition, we would still be jailing people for crimes that are no direct harm to others. Decriminalization would maintain legal disapproval therefore hopefully
discouraging demand, law enforcement efforts could be relaxed and prisons kept less crowded.

~ Bradley says The drug war is a problem that cannot be solved through prohibitionist tactics. These tactics only make the dealing of drugs more profitable. The tactics currently employed by our government , greatly increase the profits (which in turn means the appeal) involved in dealing drugs.

~ Letter to Bill (Clinton) on FDA new cigarette policy
~ Adam Why Drugs should be legal in under 475 words

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