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What ever you want to be called, I think you must have some serious promotion problems. I mean really you are basically offering every American a $50,000 loan at zero %, that doesn't have to be paid back until after they die and you're going to throw in legalized pot and peace on earth to boot. How very John Lenin of you, very Utopian. You should have millions of people out supporting you but instead no one even knows who you are... How can this be? Your basic problem is that your whole platform is unbelievable, It's like the difference between cutting taxes and getting rid of them all together. A cut is believable, no taxes is not. You need a party or perhaps you've been to one too many. Joe

Tonight while watching one of my favorite shows (Boston Legal) NBC felt they needed to interrupt with a speech by Obama, who said that he believes that he may be the Democratic's Party's Nominee for President. Then they cut to a prerecorded speech by Hillary earlier in the day, where she said basically It's still not over, until I say It's over. News? Not to me, You see this is truly where the problem lies, Free advertising for the Democrats and Republican party shenanigans. Hillary and Obama each have had more face time on television this year than any other persons on the face of the earth, including President Bush the most photographed videotaped President, ever in all of time. They each point out that they have had close to 20 million people show support for them in the primaries. If you consider that there around 55 million registered Democratic sheep in the country, neither has that much to brag about. McCain has a unified party of 50 million behind him and a majority of them, still believe that Bush has done no wrong in the past seven years!!! So anyway I am not too concerned about the sheople of the two major parties. I want the thinkers and the believers, those are just sick of the whole Republicat's games to come out for me. As for the press? it's a pressing problem, I'm working on, timing is critical so I'm crouching waiting for my chance. We will see what a jobless, homeless, broke candidate has to do to get media attention. Hopefully it won't involve any jail time. Ron / John


I don't think that using marijuana really has any true influence on the time one spends being politically active. I've found that nearly all of the people my age (late teens/young adulthood), and a great majority of my elders, haven't a sliver of a clue as to what is occurring beyond their immediate and circumstantial comfort. As for those who do, or claim to, most are just as comfort driven as the rest. Laziness, apathy, diversionary thinking, and passivity are traits common in users and nonusers alike. If any one thing is to be contributed to these traits it is mainstream society, television, computer games, internet. Our world appears before us on a screen, our food delivered to our doorsteps. We're all so desensitized to the sufferings of others and so blind to that which doesn't immediately affect us. Worst of all, it has become socially acceptable to be that way. Why should I vote, or even muster up the energy to form an opinion, when I could be watching American Idol? Ultimately, the truest danger we present resides in our lack of perspective as a people. Marijuana, when used properly, opens the flood gates on perspective. We as individuals make the choice to act or not act, all cop-outs aside.

Aloha from Hawaii!

I have a suggestion for your ghee recipe.

If you use your system the butter tends to burn relatively quickly, and the pot makes it worse. I put the butter and pot in water, which modulates the temperature and allows more of the THC to get into the pot. Boil this mixture for at least one hour, two is best. Let cool, then squeeze out the leaf, strained through cheese cloth, to get the pure pot ghee. Cool the water-butter mixture in the fridge until cool, then lift off the hardened butter. Boil the butter for half an hour or so to get rid of the excess water, then pour through cloth again to get your finished product. This is very potent, and one teaspoon is enough. Use caution when making brownies, as one brownie is quite a dose.Of course, I am used to using the large leaf from this fantastic Hawaiian pot, so you may need to adjust depending on quality of the leaf.

Don't you love it when political commentators and Bush supporters say: "He has good instincts." What the hell is that supposed to mean anyway? Let me tell you. When someone is not very smart, is selling the country down the toilet to oil, military, and big business interests, and is a poor manager, people start grasping for straws. That's when you hear stuff like "good instincts" or "hard worker" or "he hustles." In other words he is doing stuff, but he sucks at it. And that pretty much explains "good instincts" comments.

Having "good instincts" sometimes means you make offer empty statements that make people feel a certain way. Bush is the master of that art. He instills great fear into Americans about terrorists and rogue nations. And he makes great, bold, and powerful statements about how we are not going to sit around and let people attack us. So, he's very adept at instilling the fear and then trying to make us feel secure. The problem of course, is that many of us are kind of feeling pretty insecure these days. At least, those of us who are paying attention and thinking about issues.

I don't like to disparage my fellow citizens, but I have to get something off my chest: Americans are lazy, apathetic, disinterested folks who are allowing hawks inside the White House and Pentagon screw this country up really bad. Don't get me wrong. Americans are not dumb people. They are just complacent and flat out lazy. And they are making me sick. Too many Americans like things delivered to them; don't like hard work; don't want to think about unpleasant things; and think they don't have the time to take an interest or learn about politics and diplomacy. And quite honestly, they are too lazy to even think that their fat-ass SUV lifestyles are a major reason we are embroiled in a mess in the Middle East.

I can't understand why people can't figure out that their gas-guzzling trucks and SUVs are a good part of the reason we are dependent upon oil in the Middle East, and that our policy is influenced by the demand for oil. Is it a coincidence that the first step of the war in Iraq will be to seize the oil fields? Oh yeah, I forgot we are doing that so that the "madman" Saddam Hussein doesn't blow them up - and ruin the opportunity for American firms to come in and administer the oil reserves at a nice price that is competitive to OPEC. Let's face it: part of this upcoming war is an effort to gain leverage against OPEC. Another part is personal vendetta. After all, Bush did say: "This is a man that tried to kill my father." And he did. But if Bush was a man he would meet face to face with Saddam, pull out a gun and blow him away, good old-fashioned Texas style. That would show good instincts, not throwing the entire world into a frenzy to hand out cheap oil to his buddies while carrying out his personal vendetta.

I summarize this whole situation in one phrase: Bush leading America is like the dumb leading the blind.

Dear Mr. Galt,
I am a 21 year old student and full time worker that has been smoking marijuana on and off for the last 8 or so years. I agree with your issues on the marijuana laws and even though I have smoked marijuana before I was 18, I agree on this issue. I would like to know how I can get involved on the decriminalization laws and what can be done about this. I also wonder where do you stand on drug testing in the workplace. I can have a random test at any time and it worries me deeply. I feel what I do at my own house and on my own time is my business as long as it is not hurting anyone else or the way I do my job. I feel very strongly about these issues but don't know where to get started in fighting the problem. All my friends say the politicians will just think I'm another pot head. I believe this is why nothing changes, because people feel this way. If there is in any way
I can help get the message through please let me know. If you also have any information please send it to me.

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