What's Wrong with this Picture?

December 13th 2003 Just in time to help President Bush's sagging popularity polls, the world's second most wanted man, Saddam Hussein is captured and it only cost US Taxpayers 300 Billion Dollars, yes 300 Billion plus... So just for the sake of the less informed, does anybody know exactly why the evil Saddam was wanted?

I think for a complete understanding of this situation, we need to examine history a bit.

This story really started way back in 1914, when England helped a small tribe free Kuwait city from the Ottoman Empire, and so under the protection of England the small country of Kuwait was born. During the next 47 years England protected the small kingdom as the Ottoman empire fell apart and became the mess we now know as the middle east. After England released Kuwait from it's protection, Iraq claimed that the territory was traditionally part of Iraq. World powers disagreed and the small kingdom, now very oil wealthy persisted.

Meanwhile, an evil dictator named Saddam Hussein rose to power in Iraq. Under Saddam Iraq became quite wealthy, mostly because in the 70's he continued to sell the USA oil, when the rest of the Arab world had an embargo against the USA. He took this money and brought electricity to the masses. He built schools, and hospitals and opened them to everyone. He also bought a lot of guns and weapons of mass destruction from the USA and from Russia and in the eighties waged war against Iran. In July of 1990 Saddam accused Kuwait of drawing oil from Iranian reserves by placing oil wells too close to their border. The United States and the UN declared this to be an arab problem and chose not to intervene. The evil Saddam decided after checking with his CIA connections who assured him that the US would not intervene, to once again lay claim to the land known as Kuwait and in a six day nearly bloodless coup took over the small country. (Jan 1991) Six months later a UN coalition attacked the former Kuwait and after a six week battle liberated Kuwait and re-established the kingdom. 3/3/91 Iraq signed a cease fire and the United States promised ten years protection of Kuwait. A DMZ and no fly zone was established near the southern border. 6/27/91 Claiming to have uncovered a plot to assassinate President Bush, the US resumes bombing of Iraq. 9/2/96 After being caught with his pants down in the oval office President Clinton expands the no fly zones to cover more than half the country and resumes bombing again, on the premise that Iraq is not cooperating with the UN weapon inspections . 11/21/97 Kuwait claims that US interventions are slowing the peace process and are no longer welcome. 12/16/98 US again attacks Iraq, claiming again that they have not and are not cooperating with the UN weapon inspections.

September of 2001 After the 9/11 incident President Bush jr declares a war against terrorism attacks and overthrows the government of Afghanistan. 2003 Saddam again brings up the issue of Kuwait dipping into Iraq oil reserves. Bush Orders pre-emptive strikes against Iraq before they a have a chance to use their stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction. Iraq is overrun and occupied by US troops their infrastructure destroyed, schools and hospitals blown up, the electric and water grids destroyed.
George Bush jr orders Saddam killed and puts a price on his head. December 13th 2003 The world's second most wanted man Saddam was captured and it only cost US Tax Payers 90 Billion Dollars, this year...

12/14/03 President Bush announces that Saddam will face the Iraqi justice system after realizing that Saddam Hussein has not done a single thing that could be prosecuted by the US penal system. Now I am not saying Saddam was an angel, what I am saying is who is George Bush jr to judge him? The kettles are both black...

So why did 60% of Americans believe that Saddam is the devils twin brother?
The main reason this has happened is because George Bush jr is a liar and has some how gained control of the news media in this country to help spread lies rumors and misconceptions. examples; Every story about Iraq in the international news mentions Al qaida and terrorism. Stories about the gassing of Kurds always say 8000 kurds were gassed, so that Saddam can be compared to Hitler. Truth is that of 8000 living in the city that was bombed and gassed 4 people died from unknown causes, 8000 fled the area. Mustard gas was suspected, never proved. CIA declared 7 years later that Sarin was present. From what I have read about sarin, if sarin was used 8000 would be dead. Even on the eve of his capture Aol continued to spread misconceptions. Saddam Captured was followed by Nurse claims he killed 40 bedridden patients. Two completely unconnected stories with a small dash between them. We all know most Americans just read the Headlines, so now Saddam was killing people on their deathbeds...

Real truths,
While Governor of Texas, George Bush jr signed over 150 Death warrants.
In the end we sacrificed over 4000 American soldiers and spent over 700 Billion Dollars,and destroyed our economy to capture Saddam Hussein and make his daddy happy.
Over 1,000,000 Iraqi Citizens have been killed during the occupation of Iraq by the United States of America... Over 32,000 Americans wounded
Really now was it worth it? Ask the 8000 parents that lost their children.
the legacy of the Iraq war

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