While I was out campaigning for President the other day (in the most ignored campaign in history), a young man said to me, "if you want to get elected all you have to do is say you will lower gas prices. I told him I have made a lot of promises, but I won't make any that I can't keep. At this point there is little if anything that the president can do about gasoline prices. I could nationalize the industry, not really a capitalistic move though. The truth is that gas prices are finally where they should be and our economy is responding, as quick as it can. The plans outlined in my "one big fixx" plan would help give some relief, if the international bankers think that the value of the U.S. dollar is increasing. We must boost our Gross National Product and export more tangible goods instead of jobs. We must prop up the housing market and savings plans for U.S. Citizens. When we take care of these things the dollar will rise. One big fixx addresses all these problems. In the long run, higher fuel prices will be good for America, cutting down on usage will help the environment and supporting local businesses will help the local economy by keeping the money closer to home for longer periods of time.

However I do have to point out that the gas companies are making record profits, while saying our cost has doubled so the price has to double. This is an out and out lie. The cost of an imported barrel of gas has doubled, the cost of a U.S. Produced barrel of gas is exactly the same as it has been for the past ten years and we supply 20-25% of our own gas. Why don't the gas companies that produce our oil decrease their prices? Because we would use up all the cheap oil and then they would not be able to make billions of dollars next year. Capitalism there is nothing like it...

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