Global warming and the green house effect

What can I say? I believe that environmental issues are the most important thing the human race is currently facing. More important than the economy, human rights, global warfare and even the destruction of the bill of rights.
Our waters and air are filling up with toxins even as you read this. Poisons from automobiles and industry will ultimately be the death of us all. So why list this rant among politics? Because politicians are worried about global warming and carbon dioxide levels. Politicians want us to worry about anything, just so we don't pay attention to what they are really up to... Some scientists say that that global warming is a fact that it is already happening... But then scientists are just people with high IQ scores, who guess at how things work and devise tests to prove their notions. When one thinks up a great idea, the rest gather around and praise him or her and nod a lot. Then twenty, thirty or a hundred years later the current scientific revelation is replaced by the next which negates the first. The truth is science is as much as fabrication of current beliefs as is morality.
Now on this subject matter not even the scientists agree. The greenhouse effect is a theory not yet proven and probably not applicable. We all know how it works, air inside a closed clear or translucent container warms up when exposed to sunlight. They say the more CO2 the hotter it gets.. Here is a little experiment you can do at home. Get three containers say a jelly jar, a glass gallon container and a glass bottom aquarium, and three thermometers. Place them open side down on a sunny day and you will see that they indeed do get hotter as the sun beats down. You will also notice that the smaller container heats up faster and gets hotter than the larger container. So small things heat up faster and hotter... hmmm just how big is this planet anyways?

So lets look at little harder at this picture, go out and check your thermometers an hour before the sun comes up again, gee I think you'll find that they all are the same temperature. I also believe you will find that at any given time that exactly half of the earth is out of direct sunlight, we call that night where I live, and the temperatures drop. But wait, you say temperatures don't always make those dramatic climbs and descents. Why not? Clouds, the presence of clouds inhibits the sun and holds in the warmth day or night causing more stable temperature conditions. So what have we proved here? That a glass is not the same thing as a terrarium or a green house and neither is a planet.

But hey I ignored the so called proofs, water levels are rising, the mean temperature is rising at the fastest rate recorded by man.(of the last 200 million years man has kept track of a 100 maybe 150 years) Both directly correlate to the rise in CO2 and the declining ozone levels in the upper atmosphere. Well so does the loss of the hair on my head and the speed my dog walks. Does that really prove anything? I actually saw a PBS presentation recently that was pro-global warming. They said the crops would benefit from increased levels of carbon dioxide, the plants would grow bigger, be more productive bear more fruit. The temperature rise would extend growing seasons, world food shortages could be solved by as little as a five degree increase. A couple more weeks of summer certainly couldn't hurt could they? While were on the subject of CO2 What about all those over-carbonated drinks we consume daily? Where is all that co2 going? As far as upper atmosphere problems, shouldn't we look toward the upper atmosphere for the answers. Do you believe that the ever increasing number of those combustion and jet engines powering the least efficient means of travel known to mankind across the skies are not having an effect up there?

So if it's not a greenhouse effect how do I explain these phenomena? Well I haven't any fancy degrees in science but I do have a high IQ. Lets say that the apparent temperature increases are not part of a natural cycle, which some scientists say they just may be. (Ever hear of the ice ages? It got warmer somehow without us). How about this for a theory; Human population has been increasing at about the same rate as the temperature and humans are the only animals who actually heat their homes. Now once you heat a home it stays hot? No it has to be reheated regularly. Why? Because that sneaky heat escapes to the outside and into the air. That is why the temperature is always warmer in the urban areas. More building are being built and heated everyday. Also you will find that almost all machinery from an electric tooth brush to an automobile, produces heat when operated and all of it is released into our little greenhouse. So perhaps it is the heat produced creating the gases and not the humidity after all... But "What about the ever increasing water levels?" Proponents of the global warming scare, cry from their roof tops, as the flood waters sweep through more and more communities. The ice caps must be melting? Well at least one scientist has proposed that a lot of water enters our atmosphere from outer space on a daily basis, enough perhaps to provide all the water on the earth over a couple million years. But hey I think it is far more simpler than that... Humans again I tell you... Buildings parking lots and highways continue to cover more and more of the earth surface. The natural canopy of trees is disappearing everywhere, the ground is drying up. With a tree cover or even just a lawn water is soaked up and returned to the earth. Sealed parking lots buildings and tennis courts cause runoffs... So where is all this damn water coming from anyway? Humans are sucking it out of the ground and flushing it down their toilets and watering their lawns with it. Ever hear of a well's water table rising over time? They dry up! It just doesn't get back there as fast as we take it. So now it's in our rivers lakes and oceans.

REAL CAUSES? Makes you Wonder

Conclusions? Scientists are guessing. Politicians are blowing there noses, anything to distract you from what they are really doing. Pollution is bad for us, for the trees, for our waterways and our children. CO2 is not pollution, it is part of a cycle, a life cycle which is balanced between the plants and the animals... The green house is in the back yard... What can we learn from this? If the sun is providing with energy whether or not we use it, wouldn't it be smarter to use it? A couple of years ago when first I wrote this it was all over the news, great distraction for the problems of that day, now after three years of record high temperatures around the globe you hear hardly a thing... Why do you suppose that is? They were talking about a 5 degree raise over 100 years or so, now we have had a 10 degree increase over three years, the media, so as not to alarm the masses, lead us onward to other things we needn't worry about while covering up or ignoring the real problems...John Galt Jr.

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