Where is the Logic? - Samar Lovejoy's Arts festival speech

Hello. I am also a tax-paying, income making, active voting, citizen of
the United States of America and Pennsylvania. I also eat but mostly smoke
Marijuana. I am here to protect my fundamental freedom as a human being, I
am here to protect all of our rights from the tyranny of a large
government. I have an inalienable right to the pursuit of life, liberty,
and happiness. Or so I was taught to think. I have the inalienable right
right to use drugs if I want and it doesn't have to be for medicinal uses,
but just for the fun of it. That is my unalienable right and who are any
of you to tell me how to live my life. We cannot prohibit humans from
having a good time, let alone incarcerate them for it. People use drugs
to have a good time, and there is nothing wrong with that, it is their
choice. We cannot outlaw having a good time.
People dive out of airplanes for fun, people bungee jump for fun,
People race cars and motorcycles for fun.
people drink alcohol to have a good time. We do not outlaw these things,
even though an accident may occur, and someone may die. So why can't people
smoke Marijuana or take an acid trip if they wanted to? WHY? Because the
government says that you cannot use any drugs except what they tell you to
use. Who is going to stop the government from telling its citizens which
drugs to use. Why can't people smoke a natural, non-toxic, non-addictive
plant like Marijuana that has killed no one? Where is the logic. Why can
2 men willingly beat each other up, promote violence, and then call it a
sport? Where is the logic?

According to the Controlled Substances Act Marijuana is a scheduled 1
drug, that means that marijuana has NO medicinal value, and that Marijuana
is a highly abusive drug. Let us examine the logic. First the governments
says that Marijuana has no medicinal use. There are several medicinal uses
for Marijuana. The Administrative judge to the DEA Francis L Young once
said that Marijuana was the safest therapeutically active substances known
to man"
Marijuana has been tested by millions of people, for thousands of
years, and there has never been a recorded death
attributed to marijuana use. Marijuana Has never Killed anyone. Marijuana
has been proven to : relieve migraine headaches, stop the advancement of
glaucoma, control spasticity from multiple sclerosis (MS) and paralysis,
alleviate nausea and pain associated with cancer chemotherapy treatments

"Marijuana is the best agent for control of nausea in chemotherapy"
~ Dr. Thomas Ungerleider
Also helps in other cases of severe nausea. Marijuana is also the best
natural expectorant to clear Human lungs, of smog, dust and phlegm. This
is because cannabis dilates the airways of the lungs and the bronchi
allowing more oxygen into the lungs. Marijuana has been proven to block
epileptic seizures, relieves the pain associated with arthritis. It also
helps people with AIDS by relieving stress and depression, reduce pain,
eliminate nausea, and stimulates the appetite associated with AIDS wasting
syndrome. The journal of Oncology reported in 1989 that 48% of
respondents to a survey recommended Marijuana as Medicine.
The World Health Organization in a report on Marijuana said that "in
developed societies cannabis appears to play little role in injuries caused
by violence , as does alcohol" It also says that while evidence for the
fetal alcohol syndrome is "good", the evidence that cannabis can harm fetal
development is "far from conclusive".
Cannabis also fared better in 5 out of 7 comparisons of long-term damage to
Marijuana is beneficial to 80% of asthmatics
"Taking a hit of marijuana has been known to stop a full blown asthma
attack" ~ Dr. Donald Tashkin
Marijuana can even be used in the field of dentistry, instead of using the
highly toxic and deadly Probanthine to dry a patients mouth, a patient
could rather use the non toxic, all natural herb to dry the mouth.
So According to the Law Marijuana has no medicinal use, however according
to facts found through scientific research Marijuana is one of the Safest
Therapeutic medicine know to man.

Marijuana is scheduled as a schedule 1 drug because of its high potential
for abuse. The National Institute of Drug Abuse compared 6 drugs Nicotine,
Heroin, Cocaine, Alcohol, Caffeine, and Marijuana in 5 categories:
withdrawal, reinforcement (which means it will make you do the drug again
and again), tolerance, dependence, and intoxication.
Marijuana is on the bottom of every list of addictive qualities that drugs have.
Alcohol is so abusive that is is referred to as a disease, however people
do not go to jail for drinking alcohol. Things are not abusive, however
people will abuse things, no matter if it is the wrongly illegal marijuana,
or over the counter medicines.
Where is the logic in Schedule 1 marijuana prohibition.
The government says that smoking marijuana is bad and dangerous. Newt
Gingrich had the nerve to say that if a person brings over 2 ounces of
Marijuana into the country for the second time, He will kill you. That
could be your son or daughter, your brother or sister, or your husband or
wife. Why would Newt Gingrich kill a peaceful pot smoker? Why would Newt
Gingrich want to kill me, because somehow I am evil or dangerous because I
smoke pot. Do I look evil and dangerous, do my friends here look evil and
dangerous. Do I sound incoherent to you, do I look like a lunatic running
around on the streets looking for my next fix? Am I not a worthy and
intelligent person to you because I smoke Marijuana. Do I deserve to die
because I choose to use a drug that has never killed anyone (marijuana),
rather than use the drug the government wants me to use, which is the #1
and #2 Killers in the world (tobacco and alcohol).
I am here today not only to talk about Marijuana, but to talk about Human
Liberty, Freedom, and our human inalienable rights. Why is the government
telling me how I should live my personal life. Why is the government
trying to control my mind? Isn't that my choice? Don't I have the right
to decide how I want to live my life.
"Over himself, over his own body & mind, the individual is sovereign"
~ John Stuart Mill 1857
We believe this quote when it comes to woman's rights and abortion.
Why is it ok for women to abort babies, but it is not ok for me to alter my
mind? How can you possibly justify the killing of an unborn baby who only
needs time to grow, but you criminalize those, who would never even
conceive of killing their child. Where is the logic. You are saying a
woman has a right to her own body, and what she wants to do with it, even
if that means killing her unborn child, that is ok. However if the woman
dare use a drug that the government does not want her to use she risks,
going to jail, losing her job, her family, and her possessions, and maybe
even her life. Where is the logic? if she smokes pot, she risks spending
years in jail. Abortion kills babies, yet it is ok, because woman have the
right to their own bodies, yet if we do drugs that are not going to harm
others, then we may go to jail. Where is the logic. Why am I allowed to
kill my baby, but I am not allowed to smoke pot?
Again Where is the Logic?

The government says you cannot alter your mind, why are you allowing the
government to control your mind. As a matter of fact the government is
pushing the most dangerous drugs on us. Alcohol alters the mind as well as
illegal drugs, so what is the difference? except that alcohol is the 2nd
leading killer in the country The only difference is that the government says that
you can use these certain drugs, but you can't use those other drugs.
Where is the logic?
Should the government tell me what to watch on TV, or what books I can
read? Should the government tell me who I should and should not marry?
Should the government tell me where I can and cannot work. Does the
government prohibit people from Bungee jumping, riding a motorcycle, or
riding in car. More people die these ways than with illegal drugs. As a
matter of fact, more people die from being obese than from illegal drugs.
Should we punish all of those who are obese or eat to much. They are
hurting themselves. Should we make a law that All people must eat chips
fried in olean, and punish those who eat potato chips fried in vegetable
oil? Why is it ok for alcohol to be legal or tobacco to be legal, and
marijuana which has medicinal uses to be illegal? Where is the logic !!!

Samar Lovejoy's Arts festival speech

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