by Ian Williams Goddard

 Of all governmental outrages, perhaps none is as illogical, tyrannical, inhumane and fallacy 
founded as is the prohibition of the god-given herb cannabis, also known as "marijuana." 
Politicians are back in the news claiming once again that cannabis has NO medical value and thus
access to it must be barred by force. The following freely flowing fountain of facts
lays this government funded pharmacological fraud to rest forever.


Currently classified by the DEA as a Schedule One drug, cannabis is defined as extremely dangerous possessing
NO MEDICAL VALUE. This classification stands in sharp contradiction to the medical reality.

 A Brief History of Medical Cannabis

 For thousands of years prior to its prohibition in the 20th century, cannabis was used as a medicine
throughout the world [1]. During the 19th century, sold by major drug companies such as Eli Lilly, Squibb,
Parke-Davis, Smith Brothers, and Tildens, the potent extract of cannabis was one of the top three most 
prescribed medical agents in the United States. [2] 
Until the 1937 Marijuana Tax Act, cannabis, being a powerful topical analgesic, muscle relaxant, anti-inflammatory,
and anti-spasmodic agent, was found in virtually all fistulas, corn and mustard plasters, muscle ointments, and
fibrosis poultices [3].

UNITED STATES  PHARMACOPEDIA listed cannabis until 1942 [4], after which it was removed under political pressure.
The U.S. PHARMACOPEDIA recommended cannabis for the treatment of over 100 illnesses, such as: fatigue, fits of coughing,
rheumatism, asthma, delirium tremens, migraine headaches, and the cramps and depression associated
with menstruation [3].

 UNITED STATES DISPENSARY [5] also listed cannabis as a useful medicine. 
The 1851 edition states: The complaints in which it [cannabis] has been specially recommended are neuralgia, gout,
rheumatism, tetanus, hydrophobia, epidemic cholera, convulsions, chorea, hysteria,mental depression, delirium tremens,
insanity and uterine hemorrhage.

In 1890, Dr. J. Russell Reynolds, Fellow of the Royal Society and the Physician in Order to Her Majesty's Household,
 stated in the journal LANCET that cannabis is ``one of the most valuable medicines we possess [4].''  
 He prescribed cannabis to Queen Victoria for PMS [3].

 In 1898 Sir William Osler, Professor of Medicine at the  University of Oxford, stated that for migraine headaches,
 cannabis ``is probably the most satisfactory remedy [6].'' 

 The 1931 medical text, A MODERN HERBAL [7], states:
 The principal use of Hemp in medicine is for easing pain and inducing sleep, and for soothing influences in nervous
disorders. It is useful in neuralgia, gout, rheumatism, delirium tremens, insanity, infantile convulsions, insomnia, etc.
The tincture helps parturition, and is used in senile catarrh, gonorrhea, menorrhagia, chronic cystitis and painful urinary affections. An infusion of the seed is useful
in after pains and prolapsus uteri. The resin may be combined with ointments [ to remedy ]
inflammatory and neuralgic complaints.

The "no known medical value" claim looks like yet another govt Big Lie. However, as the text continues,
we can see that cannabis does have an "evil" downside:

It can produce an exhilarating intoxication...
hence its names ... 'increaser of pleasure,'
'cementer of friendship,' etc. [ god forbid ]

Medical Cannabis: the 20th Century

During the 20th century cannabis has been discovered to be an effective treatment for many more ailments.
For example, based on major research, Dr. Van Sim concluded that ``marijuana ... is probably the most potent
antiepileptic known to medicine today [8].''
More powerful than standard anti-epileptic drugs, cannabis totally eliminated epileptic seizures in children
not responding to legal drug therapies [9].

But of course, as our benevolent Drug Czars remind us, healing the sick and aiding those who suffer could
"send the wrong message to children." Let the children suffer and seizure in silence, just don't kill
our prison proliferating pot prohibition program.


Dr. Robert Hepler, neuro-opthalmologist with the Jules Stein
Eye Institute at UCLA, published a major study in the JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN
MEDICAL ASSOCIATION in 1971 demonstrating that cannabis lowers intraocular pressure in the eyes [10]. Glaucoma, a leading cause of blindness, is a condition in which intraocular pressures build up
causing optical damage. Cannabis has been proven to reduce these pressures far better than legal drugs,
allowing glaucoma patients to keep their vision so long as they use cannabis regularly.

Several of the eight patients who legally receive cannabis from the govt under the compassionate use
program do so for the treatment of glaucoma.
Yet, thanks to cannabis prohibition and the fact that no more patients will be allowed into the compassionate
IND program, most glaucoma patients will be forced by law to slowly go blind, all in the name of keeping
peaceful and productive people in prison.

Research at the Harvard Medical School published in the NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE [11] demonstrated
conclusively that cannabis is the most effective anti-emetic, or anti-nausea, agent available.
It has been used in this regard to eliminate the violent nausea and vomiting experienced by cancer patients
undergoing chemotherapy. Cancer ward workers have been known to turn a blind-eye on cannabis smoking in the hospital.

Based on extensive anecdotal evidence, cannabis, with its known appetite-stimulating effects -- described by users
as "getting the munchies" -- is known to counter the "wasting syndrome" of full-blown AIDS.
During this syndrome an AIDS patient, losing all appetite, quickly loses weight in a free-fall to death.
In case after case, AIDS patients have totally reversed their weight loss with the use of cannabis, snatching them
from the quickly closing jaws of death, giving them a powerful fighting edge over this devastating disease.

Yet the Department of Health and Human Services, which oversees the compassionate IND program, chose to slam
the door on hope by ending this program after receiving a flood of cannabis-access requests from AIDS patients.

The DEA and other agencies funded studies at the
Medical College of Virginia looking for evidence that
cannabis causes health problems. Instead of finding
problems, the researchers made a breakthrough when
they discovered in 1975 that cannabis showed powerful
anti-tumor activity against both benign and malignant
tumors. The DEA and NIH quickly defunded the studies
and prohibited any future cannabis/tumor research [3].

In 1988 the DEA's own conservative judge, Francis Young, after hearing medical testimony for 15 days and reviewing hundreds of DEA and NIDA documents that argued against medical cannabis, concluded that [3]:

``Marijuana is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man.''

Nevertheless, even in light of the overwhelming body of evidence proving beyond doubt that cannabis is medically safe and effective, DEA Director John Lawn ignored Judge Young's advice and decreed that cannabis remain classified as a Schedule One drug -- extremely harmful and useless. This official classification is a pharmacological fraud fodded off by govt force.

The medical wisdom of the ages and hope for the future crushed under the brute-force of tyrannical govt power. That is the face of tyranny. Let the sick and blind suffer and slowly die that the police state, its bloated bureaucrats and people-pulverizing prisons
might prosper and proliferate like a plague. Such is the victory of evil over good.

1996 Ian Williams Goddard - (*) free to copy nonprofit w/ attribute.


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