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Is my medicine legal yet?
the American Medical Marijuana Association
Alliance for Cannabis Therapeutics
Cannabis as Living Medicine
Archives of the Cannabis Health Journal

Medical Marijuana from Erowid ~ links to articles about the medical uses of marijuana.
the Hemp and Cannabis Foundation

Rhode Island patients org. ~ devoted to the exchange of information about the use of marijuana as a medicine. Created by members of the faculty of the Harvard Medical School who have been studying marihuana for many years.
Proof that marijuana was medicine a page out of history
The Uses of Marijuana ~ Dr. Grinspoon and co-author William Novak are compiling a new book, that will focus on the non-medical uses of cannabis and are looking for people who are interested in being part of this book.
Medical Marijuana Clubs

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a naturally occurring cannabinoid that is found in the stalk, seeds, and flowers of cannabis plants.
Cannabidiol does NOT cause a “high effect” because it does not contain THC. CBD is now being offered worldwide to all ages & pets and
is considered the latest natural medical breakthrough aiming to hopefully relieve over 50 different diseases and health conditions.

CORRECTLY Prescribed Drugs Make 1 in 15 Sicker
Drug Reactions Kill Over 100,000 a Year in U.S.,
House Republicans Declare: Damn the Science, Full Speed Ahead!

Medical Marijuana Guide
Medical Marijuana Information
Medical Marijuana of San Diego
Medical Marijuana Referrals
Medical Use of Marihuana - Canada's Legal Access Regulations

US CA: Legal Haze Clouds Medical Pot Law [Prop 215 implementation]
Therapeutic Models of Medicine [Status of Initiatives]
Rebuttal of H. Res. 372- A Case of Mistaken Identity.
Levellers Medical Marijuana Home Page
>Why beer is good and the illegal drugs are bad - from Anheuser B
Oklahoma Compassionate Care Campaign

CANNABIS, U.S.P. (American Cannabis): A Page from History

Text Reprinted Below

Fluid Extract No. 598 .......................(Alcohol 80%).. 5.00

Fluid Extract Cannabis, in common with other of our products that cannot be accurately assayed by chemical means, is tested physiologically and made to conform to a standard that has been found to be, in practice, reliable. Every package is stamped with the date of manufacture. Physiologic standardization was introduced by Parke, Davis & Co.

This fluid extract is prepared from Cannabis sativa grown in America. Extensive pharmacological and clinical tests have shown that its medicinal action cannot be distinguished from that of the fluid made from imported East Indian cannabis. Introduced to the medical profession by us.

Average dose, 1 1.2 mins. (0.1 cc). Narcotic, analgesic, sedative.

For quarter-pint bottles add 80c. per pint to the price given for pints From the Parke, Davis & Company 1929-1930 physicians' catalog.

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