To my fellow protesters, silent supporters, and future protesters,
I know some of you get a little burned and disappointed about how the protest movements are doing, After all some of us have been fighting the good fight for more than 30 years... I have to tell you, I do know that people really do support us!!! The tide is turning, and I believe the year 2012 elections will bring about some changes! I have attended over 200 protests in the past ten years... There are regional protests all over the United States and the tribes are gathering together through the internet. If the youth vote the mighty Republicans could fall!

I kept my anonymity pretty well for a couple years, sneaking out of town and being back in time to see myself on the six o'clock news... But Participating in the local events with Dr. Heicklen ended my anonymity. The people of United States know who John Galt jr is... I have been completely outed at work and to the community at large. Every weekend people, from all walks of life make a point of stopping in and congratulate us on the success of our protests. In addition many customers whom I had never even met say things like. " Hey aren't you the guy who was speaking downtown today?" Every Single person has been in support of what we do and did. Even though it is extremely busy I manage to talk in depth with many people. I asked them why they didn't join us and hold signs, They have the standard reasons, I wouldn't want my family to see me. I don't want to end up on television, I was afraid I would be arrested. someone from work might see me. These people are scared, and I don't blame them I felt the same way for years, only once I had given up the roads to riches did I have the courage to follow my convictions. In other words I had too much to lose, and that's how most people feel. They know the government is willing to take their homes, their livelihoods , their freedom and their future. Awareness is our goal. We are achieving that goal. Keep Up the faith the war will be won, it's only a matter of time...
My e-mail is being bombarded with supportive letters a couple of excerpts follow:

Thanks for your encouragement, John!
I read your Who is John Galt, Jr. page today (have sent a lot of downloads to my printer and read between the activity in the courtroom (I've been a court reporter - cog in the wheels of injustice - for 21 years and have started to raise my voice against the rising tide of tyranny so obvious there). Anyway, I nearly shouted in glee at the sentiments you expressed -- sounded so much like me! >GRIN<

I am an isolated activist who wants to walk my talk... but weariness and too much howling at the moon alone leave me despondent at times. It is nice to be refreshed by a kindred spirit.

John I live in a small community in the Ozarks named Eureka Springs AR.
We just had a bust here in the last few days and all my friends are
considered criminals now and are looking at a considerable amount of time
in prison.
We are taking some stuff I got off your sight and copying it off at the court
house or post offices (hee hee ha ha) and distributing it all over town and
sending it out. As of Right now I'm Free. Education not ignorance!!

Peace and Freedom
More Mail John Galt jr

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