SSHH 2001

June 15th - 16th 2001
Is part of History


SSHH 2001 once again took place on the most awesome stage in NW Pa. The stage at Tune Town always brings the best out of any band.

I arrived early Thursday morning, did some lawn mowing and prepared for the exciting weekend to come. By early evening we had 2 dozen people and everyone was ready to party, so we did. :)

Crew from Ohio Brought Street Signs

On Friday people trickled in all day, at 5pm we were just over a hundred people and I left the gate to take my post as emcee on stage. Michele Vargo just back from a tour of Japan, started the evening with her special brand of Folk music accompanied only by Harry on guitar and her single drum.
Next up Colonel Mustard, the fast rising jam band from Boston, with a very very excellent set. These guys jammed so hard we practically had to drag them from the stage. Next up one of Cleveland's favorite Rock bands, Dizzy Park proved Cleveland rocks by being the loudest, hardest playing, guitar string breaking band of the weekend.

When Dizzy Park finished up, I looked out at a sea of festival goers. I estimated the crowd to be around 250 or so. Juggling Suns was due on stage, Mark came to me to say their drummer had not made it to the venue and they couldn't perform their set. After a quick discussion with the band they decided that they could entertain with-out a drummer and being the amazing musicians they are did 2 hours of covers ranging from Pink Floyd to the Grateful Dead. The most excellent set of the entire evening.
While Juggling Suns amazed the gathered, I checked the gate receipts, discovering less than 120 had paid to get in, the rest were gate crashers. A midnight sweep checking wrist bands proved my suspicions as around 150 were ejected for not having wrist bands.

On Saturday we had another nice day, We started out with Daddy Jones Kingdom, who not only impressed the crowd, but had all the other bands asking where did these guys come from? The answer Slippery Rock Pa.
Electric Eel service was running late so we pushed up the performance of Sporadic a Pittsburgh area favorite jam band, that throws in the reggae sound for more fun.
Next up Electric Eel Service with their brand of Pittsburgh jam.
At seven pm We presented Mojo Filter's classic rock with their first big stage appearence. As the evening progressed, the crowd swelled above 300, unfortunately only 22 additional people paid to get in. At 9pm Due to the strange circumstances, I announced that the live show was being shut down and played CD's for the remainder of the evening. Passes for my next show were distributed to anyone with wristbands


Notes from SSHH attendees


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