John Galt Jr.
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John Galt Jr. is a fictional man living in a real world,

a world run by pseudo intellectuals,

who believe that they are educated because
they can recite current politically correct propaganda backwards and forwards.

John is a fighter for peace for freedom, for individuality and for basic rights of humans, animals and the planet.
His only intolerance is intolerance. He is a dying breed of real men. He is a man of principle and compromise, a non militant separatist.
He is fair and compassionate. He believes that all the correct answers logically must be compromises between free souls and their various schools of thought

In order to accomplish such utopian feats, People must band together in small tribes or villages if you prefer. We already do it, but at the same time watch world wide news programing, and then worry about something going on 5000 miles away?
The real truth is most people never travel more than a hundred miles from home, and 3/4's of those never go beyond fifty miles.
So why bother caring about the rest of the world?
If something happens,that affects the whole world, then there was never anything you could do to stop it...

What you can do is prepare for your fears. Decide what is really important in your life, and then examine your wants and needs. Then stock up water, or toliet paper, batteries and back up cd players. (assumming of couse that a magnetic pulse hasn't erased all the computers) John Galt jr

Well the word is out, the first outing of John Galt jr in the print press was made on 11/04/2000 in the Buck's County Observer. Ron is John, John is Ron. The man who has been writing and making public appearances under the nom de plume of John Galt jr since 1995 is really a 54 year old Pennsylvania man named Ronald Gascon.

Many have commented, that they believe, that John Galt jr is nothing like the original John Galt of Ayn Rand fame. (Atlas Shrugged) Why would he be? The character of John Galt jr. is the ancestor of the original. What traits are passed along from generation to generation? In the tradition of Aristotle passing the torch to Plato, John Galt jr's philosophies represent the next generation of thinking, that that would replace those of the past generation... and the cycle continues.
John Galt jr's words through the author should have meaning for all of us in this real world, because they are insights into a possible future not the reflection of those days gone by. Our current state of affairs inspires him to continue to write in order to try to right what is wrong; as well as what is going wrong with the real world in which we live.
John is very much the heart and soul of Ronald E. Gascon, formally the anonymous author of these works before you.

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