Youth in America

Everybody knows that our youth are upset, they are wild and out of control. They don't seem to have any respect for anything. The answer to me seems quite clear. Our youth feel they have been deceived, lied to and quite frankly they are right.

Is it ethical to raise children with lies as the foundation? The lies begin in early childhood Santa, easter bunny, tooth fairy, and don't worry this won't hurt. Then they get bigger , hard work will make you rich, anyone can be president, sex is dangerous, drugs are bad but alcohol and cigarettes are legal. The lies go on and on. At the same time are children are being taught that you can not get in real trouble until you're an adult. So why not try cigarettes, alcohol, diet pills even pot. Then when they enjoy that first drink or first joint or first time in the sack they question everything... Then we have the government and schools telling you just say no, while movies, music celebrate the drug culture. Which is where the root of it all comes from culture. It is the world in which we live and how we portray it through lies and half truths that make us the way we are ! The world where children are suing their parents for money, for freedom, for emotional distress. Kids are having their parents arrested for assault when spanked, unlawful imprisonment for being grounded, false arrest for being forced home. Kids are taught at the same time to think for themselves and what they begin to think is that you can lie your way into anything you want. A little tears, a sniffle and big brother will take care of those mean parents. So effectively our society tells our children they can do and get away with anything until they have been declared adults. If they do actually manage to get into trouble the parents, who are not allowed to punish their children are forced to pay for fines, counselors, and other government mandated or court ordered treatments. The problem with our youth is that government interference in family, culture, and moral values, which happen to differ greatly among the mixed culture in which we exist.

So these free thinking individuals, go on and experiment with drugs alcohol and tobacco. When it doesn't hurt them they assume everything they were ever told was a lie. This gives them the opportunity to disprove all those lies. They get tattoos all over their bodies, pierce their noses, eyelids, lips and a few other places. They grow dreadlocks, shave their heads or color their hair green or purple. You see the truth is that everybody goes through a rebellious stage at some point in their teenage years. It is different for each person. but I am sure that if you think back, there was that one thing that your parents or teachers, or government did to you that you thought was so unfair... Now you may realize that it was not all that bad or not.
These are the seeds of rebellion and today they are being placed on children at earlier and earlier stages, warrantless questioning by school officials, warrantless strip searches, warrantless invasion of privacy and all to protect the children!!! You will find almost without fail that the size of the rebellion is directly related to the size of the contempt that they feel towards authority, because of the abuse they feel they suffered in their young lives. The real question , Is your child going to rebel by smoking a cigarette or by shooting at strangers from a bell tower....

Our children are no longer being taught about work ethics, doing a good job no matter what that job is. Instead they are led to believe that everyone is going to be a doctor or lawyer, so who is going to mop the floors, mow the lawns, pick up the garbage? When government realized the predicament it had created it stepped up the war on drugs disgrace them and they will have to settle for those other jobs. But once again the government it their infinite wisdom overstated over did and now even convenience stores require piss tests. Those involved in the drug culture become unemployable and must turn to crime to support their habits...

Still the lies go on. you have go to college if you want to get anywhere, so their parents spend all their savings to get their children a better life. The children go deeply into debt before they start a life and spend a decade working just to pay off school loans. What jobs do they get? A very few get a good job right out of school, maybe the top five or ten percent in a good school, the rest get minimum wages, work for their parents or can't find a job at all. Most move back in with their parents, who can no longer support them because they spent all their money on education.

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