Inquiring minds have asked me "what my problem with Aol is?"
Do you really want to go there?
Well most recently Aol had the audacity to email a spam offer for their new photo album deal, called Our Favorite Moments. For only $4.95 a month you can upload all your personal photos to the Internet for storage and viewing by your family and friends. (which means the whole wide Earth because we all know AOL has no security has been hacked constantly by spammers even more often than the pentagon and white house combined)
I thought to myself "what a Great Idea". I had it fifteen years ago, Then I spent years collecting, scanning, posting, pictures to my online family photo album. I sent links to all my friends and relatives.
It was at a web site called hometown at Aol, it was the reason I spent $21.99 a month for 15 years.
Then one day out of nowhere I get an email from Aol says were sorry in ten days we will be closing hometown, feel free to move your files somewhere else, because at the end of the month they all will be deleted. I checked my account, there were 1800 files to be moved and I was still on aol dialup.
I lost over 600 files in the move, mostly family pictures. So forgive me if I say

Fuck Aol

So I went to my account page to cancel my service, and I noticed that they had lowered the price on my service level from 21.99 a month to $9.99 a month, yet they continued to charge me 21.99 for two years. So forgive me again if I say


One year I attempted to send an email Christmas card to a few thousand people and I had my service suspended for sending two many emails and violating TOS by including a drawing of Santa sitting on a chimney with his pants down.

Just days before the elections in 2000, 2004 and 2008, Aol found excuses to shut down my website violating my freedom of expression and interfering with an Federal Election, The result being that if anyone was interested in supporting my campaign, the information about how to do so was withheld from the American public.

Aol is still pissing me off During my 12 years on aol, I promoted my website, registered with all the real search engines, and link swapped with around 700 other websites. What I got from all this hard work was a very popular site with very high standing on google. Recently I noticed that instead of the Hometown is closed, coming up when anyone clicks on all those old links, now instead of the page they were looking for, my page, they get an advertising page for aol's my favorite moments promotion...

So in the end forgive me please but all I have to say about Aol is
My Favorite moment is yet to come, when aol closes it's doors forever KMA LOL RIP AOL yes the sweet sounds of it...

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