High John,
I am a member of the Church of the Universe.
My brothers in the Church have visited your site. They love your stuff.
They would appreciate it if you could find a space somewhere and add their
site to yours. www.iamm.com Thank you for your support. I am yours in hemp, the kind you wear and write on and the kind you smoke.
Bless you, bless us all. Reverend, brother Michel Ethier

Hear hear, (a note from down under)
Outstanding on Australian television footage of the Seattle WTO fiasco were the police, armed, camouflaged, and extremely numerous, beating the hell out of some poor bastard on the ground. Wonderful example of the free-est nation on earth demonstrating its concern for citizens. Great example for the various "Generals" around the world. Clinton and the rear end orifices who formed the World Trade Organization should be proud. David.

Good Evening John;

Tuesday morning I was peacefully demonstrating my American right to protest what I believe will be a detriment to the world. We were gathered by the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Seattle. Quite suddenly things got very tense as I saw officers getting their gas masks on and preparing for trouble. Then without provocation they unleashed a barrage of concussion grenades, OC spray (outdoor condiment as it is referred), rubber bullets flying everywhere from men on top the "peace keeper" and other vehicles as officers were aiming at us, our faces and heads. We still chanted "Peaceful protest" while they proceeded forward. They launched a concussion grenade directly into the middle of the protesters who were seated and as a result they were many, bloodied, shocked and very wounded brothers and sisters, many of whom may not be able to hear correctly for the rest of their lives. We had to retreat and try to help those who were choking, vomiting, crying and crawling. They kept coming and coming as all hell broke loose. I do blame the officers for the act of violence and believe they started the entire process of vandalism that happened that night. This practice of the police force continued throughout the night. Today we joined with the Steelworkers protest on the Pier and united with others who are afraid of loosing what they have worked hard for. Once again they unleashed. This time on smaller groups but with a meaner attitude.

This should result in a large civil lawsuit against the Seattle police force and those who commanded our poor uneducated officers to do these terrible acts of violence. Pray lots and pray hard!! Share

John's take on the WTO protests

Although I can't say I agree with everything you stand for, I did find it amusing and it really is nice to see an American doing something. When you get into office, might I suggest you start getting Americans to think like Americans, become self governing & responsible for their actions, etc. etc.? You can't change them nor the world. The president was meant merely to be one voice for the people when dealing with foreign powers or arguments between states, not to be the babysitter for congress or the rest of the nation. Thank you for the informative, enjoyable page. TH

I confuse the local Libertarians because I make no secret that I am not libertarian, yet I help out at local events, even going so far as to man the voter registration desk at times. I don't agree with all they are saying but I do support what they are doing...
I have to say that I found it amusing that you said "When you get into office",
My reply "I value your non committed support :)"

The long term plan certainly start getting Americans to think like Americans, become self governing & responsible for their actions, and weaned from the political soap opera as well as freed from the unreasonable tax burden of running a bloated pork barrel run federal government... Perhaps the president wasn't meant to be a babysitter but you have to admit Congress needs one...

Ned asks,
" Have you filed your statement of candidacy with the Federal Election Commission?

I have researched the materials and it is my understanding that you are not required to file unless you collect more than $2000 in campaign donations. Since I am the only candidate for president who is not accepting campaign donations, I am exempt from filing.
However interest in the campaign is much higher than I had expected and some parties are working on ballot access ( as opposed to write in ) If in fact I do manage to make the ballot in any states I will file the required papers and pay the $500 filing fee...
John Galt jr.

As reading over much of your homepage I found myself agreeing with everything you said. But then, I found a unexplained statement in your platform "Do you know that people are legally being discriminated on the basis of hair style, life style, for having tattoos, for wearing beards for not being willing to sing happy birthday, or not peeing in a cup on demand. This is just for minimum wage jobs!!!" After reading that I was wondering what your views on discrimination laws were. I personally think an employer should have the freedom to run their business however they like. Even if it means they are hurting there business by discriminating and making bad choices and I won't even get into how appearance plays a massive role in business. What people see is what they believe. Brian
My Response on discrimination I Continue to try to maintain my standards which do not involve prejudging anyone. My time spent reading your letter is not wasted, this web site and my campaign for a freer America currently are my life. John Galt jr

I have never registered to vote and I am turning 21 in December. I never had a reason or the calling to vote until now. you are the man from the right back ground and beliefs . I will register to vote for a man like you. wesley

I thank you for your support, if we could only get a few million more votes...

you wrote "we reluctantly conclude that Patrick Buchanan is POSSIBLY deserving of our and other libertarian support. Like we said earlier, when it comes to electing a third party slate to office, we be ho's. Mr. Buchanan WILL have to make some major changes to his image to win our support, or, more importantly, to have any chance of winning the election. But, we think he is smart enough, that his character and policies...with the major exception of abortion rights...are sufficiently libertarian to warrant at least a hard look."

Now Willy,
You have said in the past that all rumor and bullshit has a basis in reality, and that all Washington insiders are professional liars... Now you come out and say that perhaps we should support this political jackal if he can change the illusion of his stripes? Buchanan is a Republican always has been always will be. His motives in seeking the reform party nomination are highly suspect. While I adamantly deny being a Libertarian, I am more Libertarian than go pat go could ever be ! You should be supporting a candidate who knows what the issues are, and what his or her position is without taking a poll or spending millions of dollars to convince the masses that he or she is something they are not, I think it's about time you returned to my site, and perhaps you'll see why the John Galt jr. political clout grows with each passing day. There are plenty of surprises ahead in this long race and I guarantee I will be dishing out some of those surprises. John Galt jr.

Too bad I can't vote for you because I'm European, but if I could I would!
Go John, GO! kind regards, christi

The real shame of it all is as of late, half of my e-mail comes from outside the US
Perhaps I should come to where you are... Any good openings?

Peace Freedom and tolerance
John Galt jr

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