Concerning your plans to out the current representation. Other than getting the sheep all exited, what is the purpose?

First off those "sheep" are wolves, well that's not fair to wolves though is it? The purposes are to achieve the things that current politicians refuse to do, like a real balanced budget, an end to the insane war on American citizens by its own government, to implement campaign finance and tax reforms, to end the government growth Industry, to limit the power and scope of the government over the daily aspects of our personal lives, to restore real freedom to the country that claims to be the freest in the world...

Are you just another extremist?

Extremist? I hardly consider my self an extremist, extremists blow up buildings preach anarchy at all costs. an extremist is someone who favors nuking NY city as population control or Washington DC as stupidity control. Then of course you have the other extremists the ones who are running things now that want half the population to be in jail, that support death penalty for three time losers, that think drug addicts belong in jail, who say the poor people are poor because they are too stupid to not be...that forget that separation of church and state applies to Christians as well as Buddhists, agnostics, atheists, wiccans etc.. Those that think adultery is the biggest problem we face, while our environment is going to hell, our waters becoming unsafer by the day.. Sure we can filter our drinking water but what about the animals? What about our planet? they are more entitled than we are...
I am for tolerance, compromise, fairness, for everybody not just those who can buy their way through the system. I don't believe Heroin should be legal but I believe an informed educated citizen should be able to treat themselves with antibiotics without having to pay a doctor, clinic or Hospital a couple hundred dollars for permission. I don't believe that the lower classes of society should have to pay up to half their income for taxes, fines permits etc while Millionaires don't pay a cent because of the loop holes provided by the Congress people that they bribed to pass legislation to save them money.
You say:
I have spent a lot of my own money and time running for political office's, where was all the help when people with many of the same concerns you have needed the help to get elected and initiate change?

I am glad to hear that you are or were politically involved, personally my first attempt was in 96 and obviously it didn't take, but I am going to try harder in 2008. Where is the help? I don't know I am looking for it and I am not asking anyone to give me money to do it. I know that I am doing all that I can... I am just asking everybody else to do the same... I know it's a lot to ask, many people feel beaten down, betrayed and cheated by the system, the less we vote, the more power we give them...the more power we give them, the more they abuse it. Its a classic case of giving an inch...
How much time and money do you think I have put into this page??? I am here I will fight nonviolently to cause change... what are you doing for the next ten years?

I hope I havn't offended you because I look for allies, there are too many extremists out there and there will be more Waco's, more Oklahoma Cities, more Vietnam if we don't stop it NOW.

Peace and Freedom
(Is it too much to ask for?)
John Galt Jr.

I appreciate the candor and bravery in your views. Although I do believe in your suppositions, I do not agree with your viewpoint, or it's summation. As an Addict in recovery for the past 5 years, the concept of legalizing narcotics, for any reason, sounds to me like throwing the baby away with the bath water. I understand that politicians create politics, not solutions, and I am growing weary and increasingly intolerant of their expensive game of "Round and Round the Mulberry Bush", but I am no more likely to search for the solution in initiatives legalizing narcotics, as I am to pack a truck full of fertilizer and detonate it in front o a crowded federal building. The implied acceptance of drugs (including any and every mind or mood altering substance ingested for recreational purposes) in our society is just another method of the "Dumbing Down of America". At a time when we should be sharpening our wits, we are numbing the few faculties of ours that work. WM.

Thanks for your letter and concerns, input from people like you let me know that I am sometimes misread. Let me first point out that coffee, tobacco, chocolate, Midol, and Rolaids, sugar not to mention all the downers, diet pills and mothers little helpers handed out by physicians are mind or mood altering drugs. Any food is mood altering for a hungry person... What one man considers "recreational" may be a life saving self medication for another.. However I do not condone the legalization of narcotics, I don't believe that heroin, LSD, crack or PCP should be legalized, and have not stated so anywhere to my knowledge. What I ask for is the end of the insane war on drugs as it pertains to our own citizens. I do think that we should be allowed to self prescribe antibiotics. I do believe that we should be allowed birth control like ru486. (the real reason we can't get ru486 is it would all but end the debate on abortion) I don't believe that pure or high proof alcohol should be sold to the public (in some states you can buy and drink liquor up to 195 proof) I do believe that tobacco is as dangerous as most illegal drugs
You don't mention what you were addicted to... But Do you believe that because you were an addict that you are unfit to hold a position of importance for the rest of your life? (like McDonald's or Disneyland or the Quickie mart) Chances are if you were busted today that is what would happen. I believe in treatment and education, not throwing someone in jail for life because they possessed a narcotic or grew some marijuana... (which by general or medical definition is not a narcotic, it just has been classified by the government as such). Our government is spending our children's future to lock up it's own citizens, while leaving our borders wide open for thousands and thousands of tons of drugs to pour in... Do you realize that 96 % of the tractor-trailers coming over our borders are not even stopped much less searched for drugs, that 75% of trucks on the known drug dealers lists are not even stopped. Mean while we take pot shots at farmers, fishermen and tourists. because they might be carrying drugs? Those trucks are not stopped because it would put a hurting on some rich bastard, they are not stopped because it would put the DEA out of business, the war on drugs could be won, if they went after the suppliers, instead of the users.
The truth is the users supply the system with revenue enhancement, bust the trucks you get useless drugs, bust the users you get all their money, their cars, their homes and you keep all those Lawyers, prison guards, federal and state agents, local cops, snitches and Judges employed. The truth is that a great deal of people who claim to be fighting the war on drugs are playing on both teams.. The truth is winning the drug war would put too many people out of work... The implied acceptance of drugs is just another bullshit excuse for keeping the war up. The dumbing down of America is being caused by an educational system more eager to make money than to educate, and by government propaganda. The major contributing drug to the dumbing down of America is Ritalin. I urge you and all Americans to open your minds not through drugs but through education. please come back and look around my site some more think like a man not a sheep, don't accept the propaganda, look at all sides. There is an old saying that "there are three sides to every conflict, his story the other guys story and the truth," but anyone with a computer knows that there are over 250 shades of grey... Your wit is sharpened when you make an informed decision.

Thank you for responding to my comments. I find your eloquence and wit (even when it's
biting away at me...) clever and entertaining. I actually agree with your opinion of the war on drugs. How can the DEA fight a war on drugs, when the CIA is assisting the drug cartels in the trafficking of drugs into the U.S. (see : Ricky Ross-Streetgang connection to Iran-Contra & the flow of Guns & Drugs into South Central Los Angeles)?
I guess if you wish to include chocolate and midol to the list of narcotics because it is mood/mind altering, so be it. I refuse to get that petty. But I know, from personal experience and the experience of 70% of all persons who have tried marijuana that it is an "introductory" drug, and 70% of all people who try Marijuana eventually "try" harder drugs. It was my experimentation with weed that led to my experimentation with Cocaine, which led to my experimentation with crack cocaine, which led to a 12 year active addiction in which I, and my family, and my community suffered the wrath of an insane man, possessed by a narcotic.
Medical usages of Marijuana is fine. But I can't even fathom the idea of buying joints from the corner convenience store..


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