John's Banter with Wyld

There is no doubt of your creativity and verbal charisma, however, I take issue with the anonymity of your cause. With an issue is of great import, i.e. presidency, it is laughable that you would take that stance. So what 's a little muck? You obviously feel strongly about your issues, as well you should.
While I enjoy poetry, realism is what I seek. I seek freedom from religion to be exact. In turn, getting rid of the religious right in our government will serve several purposes. Your issues on marijuana are not lost on me. It is absurd that we look to pharmaceuticals to create new and vastly dangerous drugs for pain and other ills when we have a natural herbal remedy such as hemp available. I am not as concerned with this however as I am the issues of religion in government and the stranglehold of religionists on the people of America. Dreamers and spiritualists are a different breed and one I prefer not to have holding my freedoms and rights in their hands. I tend to be a bit militant concerning the loss of Freedom from the religious right in the White House. (being a strong female intensifies my interest in the separation)
Good luck on your mission, may it bring you closer to saving the world/planet.(?) Ahhh, agendas, everybody has got them... Wyld

Come on Wyld,
This is politics... The only reason I am really anonymous, is so that someone will eventually publicly out me... I am sure the letter people have some files going on me...
As for the muck did you see how Perot avoided it 1992 ? If I give them four years to find fault, my word will never be heard.. Yes I do have muck but it may not matter so much anymore... Clinton got re-elected didn't he? Wouldn't have if he had told us the truth...
He sold out to the Republicans... Politics is a game, the rules are grey and winning is what counts.
My feelings are the same as yours concerning the religious right, Personally consider myself to be agnostic (don't say that too loudly) but truthfully I am more enlighten than that, but in the true tradition of freedom I try not to mix my religion with my politics... John

Mr Prez,
Nice to get your response, But...the words "in the true tradition of freedom" and "we are talking politics here" create a little rift with me. Try as you might, at this time, you cannot separate politics and religion, and the "true tradition of freedom" has yet to be seen. The current tradition has been one of small victories for women and the banner is offal stained. But I do not expect most men to understand what the rights of women have to do with politics and religion. (Womb with a View, comes to mind 'tho) Do not mistake me, this is not my only concern. When the ten commandments are taken out of a court of law, and prayer time is not allowed in public schools, when churches pay taxes on their income and the real estate purchases they hold, when the current President. asks the nation to "take a moment in prayer", or when Lee, appointed to office says "May God Help Me" to do what is right, my judgement on certain things does become tunnel vision. When these things become a reality, only then will I be able to sit back and say that the threat of loss of personal freedom is only limited to what I found at your website.
Politics and those who choose that arena are interesting and frightening to me, as they will either uphold or let fall basic freedoms which have yet to truly be won. And do not mistake it "John" freedom encompasses much more than ones own idea of the term, it must be there for all. What a strong candidate it will take not to be bastardized by the corrupt majority in government now. Or are we talking about total shut down and "reform"?
Upon further inspection, you do have some wonderfully valid points. In fact, I'd say all have an appeal for me. I'm sure you know that these goals are common ones in a thinkers mind. I hope you update your site often. It will be interesting to keep tabs on. Good luck, may you be *outted* and all of your issues come into light.
Respectfully Yours, Wyld

Mr prez, I like that... You are right religion is playing too large of a part in our current governing system. In a country that claims religious freedom, it's sad to note that judeo-christianity is the only one represented in governmental affairs. However it wouldn't really be fair to blame the Christians, it is a government problem.. Discrimination has gone way past sex and religion. Race, social status, life style and sexual orientation are also pragmatic in the current situation. The few the rich and powerful are the only ones being served by the current system. Personally I fear Republicans more than Christians. As much as I would like to rip down most of the system as it stands, I am not much more likely just to stir the hell out of things, and if we are lucky we will see some sort of changes...

I am not blind to the blights you have suffered... You see I have lived a full life did the single parent thing etc... My daughter and I were turned out at WIC just because I wasn't a women. They would not allow me even to fill out the forms.. Owned businesses, even got married a couple times.. Did the homeless thing a couple times ( rather enjoyed it..). But the reason I haven't addressed woman's rights or minority rights or all the rest is that I endorse human rights, animal rights even plant and planet rights.. I have always said a human is a human (and I am not terribly happy about being one) In my management status over the years, caught a lot of flack from time to time for hiring the wrong kind of person. but nine times out of ten they exceeded my expectations.
But that was then and this is now... I have several notebooks full of my rants and dozens more in my head as I think way too much... I read the unibombers manifesto and understood it... I will take on any subject and have been gifted with the insight that there are several sides to every issue... All my adult life I have worked as a peace maker... middle management middle of family affairs ... Teaching the simple truths without offending anyone is very difficult...As for the true tradition of freedom for mankind, it has existed, in all the world about three or four thousand years ago...It died here when my ancestors came from across the ocean came and slaughtered my other ancestors.... ~ Peace and freedom John Galt Jr.

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