An Open Letter to World Leaders from an Extraterrestrial

I. Introduction

I have been watching human civilization for thousands of Earth-years,
observing your slow spiritual growth. Now I have prepared a question
for you: If Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad or Moses lived in the contemporary
world, would today's governments treat them the same way as the less
enlightened governments of the past? Seen by many as a necessary evil,
government involvement in arenas of societal dispute frequently places
the State in a position of conflict with one faction of society or another.

II. Government & Martyrs

The rule of human government, while not perfect, has come a long way
since the time when the prophets of the world's religions walked the
Earth -- ruthlessly oppressed by harsh arbitrary governments were
Jesus, Mohammed, Moses, Baha'alula, Sundjata, Socrates and untold scores
of other enlightened religious and cultural founders.

In more modern times, governments battled such notable humans as Gandhi,
Thoreau, Mandela & Tutu, King, Jr., the Dali Lama, Haile Selassie,
Washington & Jefferson, Newton & Galileo, William Penn, Wilhelm Reich &
Edgar Cayce, Nikolai Tesla, and innumerable Native Aboriginal chiefs and
shamans of the American, African, Australian, Asian and other Atlantic
and Pacific landmasses.

In each case, government persecution contributed to martyrization of the
individuals and their value systems. Even lethal fire-bombers like Eric
Rudolph, Unabomber, and Tim McVeigh can unfortunately be turned into
folk heroes just by government's attempts to safeguard the public.

Today's contemporary world has reached a point where a greater
proportion of disputes are settled diplomatically, leaving government
freer to mediate disputes in a non-martial manner.

We might imagine that if Jesus returned as a human, criminally refusing
to pay taxes on a politicized religious institution, that the dispute
would be settled ultimately in the United States Supreme Court with
Jesus' attorneys eloquently arguing Constitutional separation of church
and state as a matter of inherent natural God-given human right.

Rather than using capital punishment like the Romans of old, wouldn't
today's government offer Jesus' adherents a corporate pre-arrest (i.e.
arrest-free) guilty plea for tax non-payment, at a discounted fee less
than the normal full fee, less than the contested tax and less than the
price of fighting the tax in court, yet which would cost the government
far fewer resources to enforce than the hypothetically unconstitutional
tax itself, thereby preserving the integrity of the tax statutes and the
Rule of Law for the desiring masses while still solving the dispute?

Such a solution might seem blocked by hypothetical business interests
which DO pay taxes and which are financially threatened by the teachings
of Jesus. To what could we offer these parties in the interests of

Barring the outrageous suggestion that such entities merely accept
Jesus' teachings and alter their business practices accordingly, society
could ensure that humans financially dependent on business practices
contrary to Jesus' ways are profitably ushered into concurrence with an
identical offer of corporate pre-arrest pleas for tax non-compliance -
provided a viable religious faction (equal to Jesus' followers in
spiritual conviction) were practicing the " untaxed " business. Fair is fair, yes?

Wouldn't such a model be the pinnacle of human spiritual evolution
towards which the prophets of yesteryear were pointing? Given the
choice, would Jesus rather have suffered for your sins, or lived
blissfully to abolish them? The choice was not up to Jesus -- the
choice is one only humans can make if ever again offered the opportunity.

III. A Parable

PRETEND for the sake of argument that Jesus, instead of being a
"sacramental incense tax rebel," was a instead a "marijuana incense tax
rebel", in a world where the Roman government did not recognize
marijuana as an approved Roman pagan spirit, where religious users of
the non-Roman sacrament were legally tolerated only if they came
annually to a central marketplace to register their names and purchase
their marijuana only in taxable Roman coin (available at a poor exchange
rate outside the gates of the Roman incense-vending store)?

Jesus' historical legal argument was that if the government didn't
recognize the Hebrew God, that it had no business selling sacrament in
Roman coin or demanding tax. This argument was mirrored by Nelson
Mandela's historic legal argument that if the nation of South Africa did
not recognize Black African citizenship under apartheid, that Mandela as
a Black South African could not be legally tried in their court as he
was a statutory non-person. Jesus' argument led to crucifixion, and
Mandela's led to a life sentence (although he is now President of the
nation that sentenced him). Such harsh treatment is the direct result
of a financial threat posed by enlightened rebels to both the government
and its tax-paying merchants.

In today's more enlightened age, we have hopefully evolved spiritually
to a point where government, merchants, and citizens in a hypothetical
scenario like the one above would realize that cooperation holds a place
in business equal to the role held by the innovation-spurring
capitalistic spirit, and is more profitable to society than government
failure to enforce its laws or martyrization of a spiritual leader.
Would you rather be rulers of a planet of paupers, or a planet of
wealthy citizens?

Perhaps instead of forcing a slaying, the money-changers in the
fictional Jesus parable above should form a centralized merchant bank
with remote branch offices, each paying the Roman government a voluntary
discount fine for criminal non-compliance with the marijuana laws, and
simply sell the stuff regionally, accepting coin of any mint at exchange
rates appropriate for the economic region where the coin is tendered.

IV. Your Challenge

Will current citizens of Earth not learn from the mistakes of the
Romans? If Jesus came back today, would you kill Him again, or would
you get it right this time? If God made this earth as a den of
temptations to punish you, for what reason could He have done this other
than to teach you to be Kind and Just and Fair to one another?

Can you not act in greater accordance with God's wish that you be in His
image, or shall you admit in self-defeat that you are just ruthless
animals who will go to heaven if you acknowledge your cruelty and yet
continue to be cruel?

Did Jesus mean for you to abandon your duty to yourselves and neighbors
in favor of allegiance to Him, or did he mean for you to be respectful
of one another as demonstration of your allegiance to the infinite
wisdom of His teachings?

V. A Workable Solution to Your Marijuana Problem

There is no room for blame. Multinational corporations, marijuana
users, and government can come together and introduce value into
society, while wasting less money and effort by ceasing aggressive
perpetual battles with one another. How? The answer is simple: look
for a way to achieve the same ends you have already achieved or wish to
achieve, but with greater efficiency.

In practical terms, government could allow corporate and individual
pre-arrest "no contest" pleas for marijuana "crimes" with a "penalty"
greatly reduced from one requiring detection, arrest, pre-arraignment,
etc. This would greatly increase revenue collection (by taxing many
slightly rather than taxing a few greatly) and improve safety conditions
because the dangers which marijuana bans seek to reduce can be better
minimized in a regulatory system. The total revenues collected would be
a far greater debt paid to society than is currently being extracted
from statutory marijuana criminals.

Hundreds of marijuana users surveyed by our agents expressed
near-unanimous willingness to acquiesce to such a plan as it is more
comfortable than the chance of being caught and because it gives them
opportunity to contribute more to society than is currently allowed.

VI. Debunking Global Catastrophe in the New Millennium

Unshakable faith alone will guide your species through the coming global
catastrophes of the next decades. I arranged the Y2K computer bug as a
practice run for you (by giving your military memory-deficient computer
technology from a staged UFO "crash" at Roswell, New Mexico in the
50's). I reiterate: the reason I foisted the Y2K computer disaster
upon you was to prepare you for an even greater disaster to come, to
teach you as a species how to take care of your basic needs.

Keep in mind that there could be no Y2K bug if you had not changed from
Jesus' calendar to the Romans' (your months are not lunar and two are
named after Caesars causing your ninth month to be misnamed
sept-/seventh, your tenth month to be mislabeled oct-/eighth, and so
forth). This will be a lesson that the official decrees of humans
cannot change the Laws of Nature, Mathematics, and Physics.

Your own geologic surveys indicate that soon your planet's magnetic
polarity will reverse, causing a temporary disruption of the ionosphere
(the electromagnetic field which normally blocks harmful solar radiation
from reaching your planet's surface).

Your own fossil surveys show that each time this has occurred in the
geologic past (approximately every 450,000 solar years on average, but
without periodicity), a major evolutionary leap also occurs in the
fossil record. You will also note that all evolutionary leaps in the
fossil record coincide with such magnetic reversals, and that extinction
episodes in the fossil record DO NOT coincide with polar reversals,
barring a single incidence between a regular periodic 26-million year
extinction wave that once coincided randomly with one of the sporadic,
irregular polar reversals.

The unusual radiation reaching your planet's surface during such events
causes fairly uniform mutations within genetically similar individuals,
and is the driving force behind the evolution of your planet's life
forms. Many life forms on the planet have survived (as a species) several such occurrences.

Your greatest problem will be maintaining adequate food supplies:
grains, your carbohydrate source necessary for serotonin-based neural
intelligence, have been overly hybridized for sugar content and have
relatively little resistance to radiation, as is also the case with soy,
a crop over-hybridized as your staple protein source. Simply put,
too-rapid hybridization of any organism for particular attributes,
(whether plant crops, show horses, or Hitler-esque eugenics humans)
unfailingly leaves the organism inbred and deficient in other
attributes. Today's soy and grains have little resistance to harmful solar radiation.

When the predicted burst of solar radiation reaches your planet's
surface, food crops which have been rapidly hybridized since the last
polar reversal (approximately 780,000 of your years ago) will wither in
radiation they are not acclimatized to, and your people will ultimately
be forced to grow vast quantities of hemp seed, as the hemp crop is
among the most resistant of all useful plants to radiation. Hemp seeds
are rich in all the most important nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins
and oils, the three true food groups) and totally able to sustain
optimal human health, but they will become boring after a while, much
like the over-used coconuts on the popular American children's
television serial Gilligan's Island..

Fortunately, the extra radiation will cause hemp plants to increase
production of ultraviolet pigments called THCs, which are capable of
reversing the effects of radiation sickness in humans, via a nerve and
immune cell receptor which your gene sequencing surveys have noted is
genetically nearly identical to other radiation defenses like melanin .
Hemp plants will also provide all fiber
necessary for your clothing, shelter and paper.

VII. Your Economic Crisis

Wealth in society depends on the efficiency with which nutrients,
materials and energy are extracted from the planet and its sun, whether
agriculture, mining, or solar energy.

Wealth comes about either directly from improving the efficiency of
extraction of resources or directly from increasing efficiency of
utilization of these resources. No amount of clever re-alignments of
wealth (such as the U.S. Federal Reserve system) can increase wealth in
society unless it actually improves efficiency of collection or use of resources.

Geneticists have long known that any plant which is high in a particular
nutrient or material content has been selectively bred that way by the
animals which utilize that component, e.g., corn is simply a giant grass
that was selectively bred for carbohydrate content by sugar-hungry
mammals, who by over time interacting with only the largest and sweetest
grains, caused only those grains to scatter pollen and drop seed with
high frequency.

So, if the seeds of the hemp plant are high in not one major nutrient
category, but four (carbohydrates, oils, proteins and
vitamins/minerals), and the stalk of the plant is of exceptional fiber
quality and quantity, and the plant has high resistance to most
microbial infection as well as produces a valuable medicine used by many
animals, isn't this direct evidence that hemp is one of the planet's
most often-utilized plant resources over extended geographic time spans?

And, if hemp is among the most well-rounded, slowly and thoroughly
hybridized of the useful plants (compared to the rapidly hybridized food
and material crops upon which you now depend), then wouldn't a healthy
economy be based and centered upon such an efficient extractor of solar
and earth materials and energy?

Could it be that the perpetually nagging shortages of human time, money,
materials, energy and nutrients on your planet is due to a human-imposed
shortage of the plant that you humans hybridized to meet those very

Your beloved Jesus Christ is said to have asserted that The Meek Shall
Inherit The Earth. The irony of this is that meek humans (those with
the most sensitive neuro-endocrine systems, the most sensitive to the
world around them), like canaries in a coal mine, are always the first
to feel the effects of environmental change. These Blessed Beings,
called the "True Treasures of the Church" by the martyr Saint Lawrence
shortly before his execution for failure to pay taxes to the Romans,
have over the ages been the first of their populaces to use hemp
medicines as their ancient evolved defense against stress-induced neuroendocrine over-excitation.

Those individuals not as sensitive to the world around them, the "un-meek,"
have historically allowed their animal nature to persecute the meek much as wolves
in a pack tear apart their meeker members. The un-meek have rejected the warnings
of those who perceive the environment with greater acuity. The un-meek may go
to their graves from starvation and radiation sickness, rejecting hemp as a temptation
from the Devil or perhaps as a brainwashing attempt by the purportedly evil governments
on the other side of the planet, no matter which side of the planet they are
on. The meek shall indeed inherit the Earth.
This concludes my communication to you. Your answers to my questions shall
be made evident by your actions. I look forward to the ingenuity with which humans
will weather the difficult times ahead. Search your scriptures of all faiths
for clues, prophecies, and instructions about geomagnetic disturbance such as
has been predicted for your planet. Have fun, be kind to one another, follow
the Golden Rule (the true basis of alchemy) and you will emerge stronger and
more advanced than you ever thought possible.

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