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The government cannot defend their own policies with accurate information. It is that simple. We can shut off the flow of drug war inmates to the prison system at the doors of the courts. I been there and done that. I know it works. When you poison the jury pools with the truth you have bypassed the influence of the mass media on the criminal justice system. I call it an informed jury. If they can't convict us, they will be forced to kill us.
If they go there, Nurenburg style trials will dictate their fate.
This drug war is going down. We are going to be sticking our necks out to kill it.
Sincerely, Jay

It seems that everyday Big Mother finds some new danger to protect her 'children' from. When I think of all things things that we are not allowed to do (illegal stuff, socially taboo stuff), I realize that I have done so many of these things without the dire consequences that I was warned about. The greatest danger I have faced has not been the result of my activities but of getting caught and punished by Big Mother. American society today is being treated like the children of an overprotective and repressed mother. When we misbehave, we are sent to our rooms (jail) or have our allowance reduced (fines). Rarely are we allowed to act and discover what the natural consequences of our actions are. At the same time we are constantly being told that we are not responsible for our actions. We are not held accountable for the real damage that we do. Murderers and sociopaths get early release programs and rehabilitation programs and various support programs because society and family have somehow failed them. Yet my home or vehicle can be searched at any time if I should happen to leave them unlocked as the result of implied consent laws and I can find myself placed in the care of our government (Mother) without having harmed anyone at all. Our children are being 'protected' by various government agencies. Parents find themselves unable to punish (abuse!) nor show affection (molestation!) for their children. One false step and Big Mother will take over the job for you. There are very few success stories from children raised within the system. Even so, Big Mama continues to believe that she knows what is best for all of us. Please forgive the rambling of my thoughts but the entire system under which we live seems more than a little baffling, if not absurd, to me. Sehlis

John !!!
Took a look at your sight. I got it off the Hemp 100 in High Times, I like. I live in a small community in the Ozarks. We just had a bust here in the last few days and all my friends are considered criminals now and are looking at a considerable amount of time in prison.When at the same time there are child molesters out there getting away with sick shit. And if by some lucky chance they get caught after raping numerous amounts of children and sent away to get so called help or do a small stint in jail and the are released. It just go's to show you where the governments priorities are.
I'm taking some stuff I got off your web site and copying it off at the court
house or post office (hee hee ha ha) and distributing it all over town.
As of Right now I'm Free. Education not ignorance!! Thanks, David

Great Another new activist is born everyday keep up the good work!
Peace and Freedom John

hello John,
I'm a young stoner from Ohio, and I think what you are trying to accomplish is a very worthy and noble cause. Mankind doesn't need all this technology and fast cars and all this other shit everyone is preoccupied with. What we do need is enlightenment. Marijuana is a path to enlightenment, if you use it the right way. If everyone smoked bud, I mean like everyone in the world, then all these material things wouldn't be necessary and the planet earth wouldn't be in such deep shit. If everyone smoked dope, it would be all about peace love and happiness! I wish you all the luck in the world and me and my friends stand behind you 100%. PEACE

I'm glad you encourage us to write you.... I need to say some important things. I believe marijuana is close to legalization if the key groups go about it in the right way. IF!!! "The Emperor wears no clothes " explains many things well, but I see many of the real problems tied deep into the fabric of out society.
It's so obvious that the big anti-marijuana groups really want people to see them as anti-DRUG groups and appeal to anyone who knows that entanglements in the drug culture never lead to anything good. For arguments sake, they really never do. Marijuana is the big Gateway drug (possibly the worst aspect of it) and the worst labels are given to the people who like it and support it.
The passing of prop 215 in California was a big step toward legalization, but unless some different educational methods are employed, the labels will stick and the confusion will continue. I feel we're so close to success, that with a proper method, we can see it legalized within a few years. Legalization would mean so many dramatic improvements in so many areas that I felt obligated to write you this letter to help explain the obstacles I see. Marijuana is constantly lumped together with all the dangerous tendencies involved with "Drug use".
Television is one of our biggest enemies in this fight, an unimaginably powerful influence over our lives and our thoughts. TV teaches us what we should think of as good, nice, beautiful, tasty, smart, important, as well as ugly, stupid, and intolerable. TV feeds us standards to live by to help make us all the same. Commercials work much better then, as well as elections. The wonderful ideas that made people set out to form this country are viewed as uneducated and outdated. It's time for "Freedom" to take back it's rightful meaning as the hallmark of humanity.
It's time for TV to start educating us to think for ourselves instead of making us feel incomplete and alone. It's time for the right people to come forward with the truth and individual inspiration that we all know we're capable of no matter how deep it's buried in labels and obscure notions.
These are my visions of truth, help me act on them if they make sense to you, for humanity is coming so near a critical junction in our existence. K.C.

Bob from N.Y. says...

You seem bothered about the cost of the 20 month police investigation which netted less than $2000 in pot. I read somewhere that the current cost of incarceration to taxpayers is about $30,000 per year per inmate. So if those fifteen "Dealers" they got off the street are processed under mandatory sentencing they will each get at least ten years without possibility of parole. Do the math 4.5 million dollars to keep them off the street at current costs, which I am sure are rising!!!

Bob --- The figure I have on incarceration is 20k per inmate, but that's still way over two million dollars for less than 8 ounces of pot... and I thought the government spent too much on hammers...

John ,
I just got my copy of Peter Mcwilliams book, Ain't nobody's business if you do. He estimates that we would save upwards of 40 billion, a year, if we ended the drug war. There is also the greater issue of the tax revenue that would/could be generated. McWilliams speculates possibly another 150 billion. This is not just from taxes generated by drug sales alone, but also the sales tax generated from other legitimate purchases. If the price of drugs drops dramatically those users will be spending that discretionary income somewhere else.

McWilliams also speculates that we might create 6 million new jobs with legalization.
At least we may convert some underground income to taxed income.

What also about the jobs created by the "Hemp" industry. With increasing pressure on the Northwestern logging industry why not create jobs up there growing hemp. Rumour has it that hemp loves the climate there, and that many of the loggers already are growing, illegally. Hemp produces 4 times more paper per acre than trees. Hemp is a renewable resource. Hemp does not produce dioxins in the paper making process. Hemp oil can replace many petroleum products, and again is a renewable resource. We must look at the greater picture. We are wasting so many valuable resources, plant and human. End the war NOW. Peace

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