Bush Bashing

George jr. learning to Read

George Bush jr's Record

George Bush jr. Presidential Firsts!!!
First President to be elected by a Supreme Court Decision
First President to learn English after being elected...

First President to start a war, because he was desperately seeking approval from his daddy...
Speaking of which;

George Bush jr has pleased his father very much, but who else? Half the people in the country have been brainwashed into believing the George Bush jr has been instructed by God almighty himself to wage a war on terrorism (also known as the Muslin faith) More and more the other half is asking what the hell is going on?

Prior to attacking Iraq President Bush Said "I don't care how much the hippies protest..."

The Cost of the War in Iraq was about 700 billion. We went there to find weapons of mass destruction and to kill the evil Saddam Hussein, We bombed and destroyed the entire country. Saddam was captured but, no weapons of mass destruction have ever been found, Obama has kept this war and spent billions more.
We paid an Iraq citizen 30 million dollars for turning in Saddam's sons. Good news the maid and his cat are only worth half a million each...

The war in Iraq cost $3.9 billion a month, as opposed to the $2 billion a month that the Pentagon had originally estimated, as opposed to the 60 day miracle war that Bush sold us...
Over a million Iraqis killed, 4000 Americans killed, another 32,000 wounded. The cost of revenge for 9/11, except Saddam and Iraq were never indicated as being involved with 9/11.
Meanwhile back home,the federal, state and city budget deficits are soaring.

Not to be forgotten, the war in Afghanistan is costing almost a billion a month. We went there to find and Kill Bin Laden. Blew up the entire country, toppled the government and finally found the man living in Pakistan. Troops to stay 5 to ten years?

That makes almost $5 billion a month for the two. And, no rational planner has yet been able to put forward a credible possible end-date for either enterprise.

Can you imagine how different the country and the world would be today if Bush had spent this same amount of money to foster economic growth at home?

I would say that George Bush jr.'s foreign policy was summed up in the analogy that a five year old boy has been released into a fenced court yard where he has found a stick, a possum, a bee's nest, a wounded dog, sleeping rattlesnake and a hand grenade. The boy picked up the stick and said "I'm going to have some fun today..."

George W's last trick
George's Political Test

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