What about the ditchweed?

There is a lot of people talking about hemp and marijuana. Some say they are the same, some claim they are different. The DEA is out eradicating ditchweed, why?
I am going to keep referring to "they say" with out saying who says, you'll know... So what is the deal? Of course they are the same, and of course they are different. Marijuana and hemp are the same like beagles and pit bulls are the same and they are different like oranges and tangerines are different. In appearance hemp is taller and the leaves are more slender while they are growing, however after they have been harvested they look the same, except hemp tends to have more and smaller seeds. Basically the difference is more like the difference between your brain and your bones... Hemp is the fibers from the stalks. Marijuana is considered to be only the female flower tops and buds, because that is where the greatest concentration of THC exists, so they say. But I read somewhere that the greatest concentration is in the roots at times, because that is where the THC is produced. That is why they hang dry plants, so more THC will flow to the buds and leaves as it dries. They tell you that you can't get high off the leaves and stems, but there is THC everywhere in the plant and when they hang dry it leaves wrap around the buds so you smoke plenty of leaves. The stems are just too harsh to smoke as are the roots, both make an odd flavored tea.
What the big deal is about is the THC content. They say that hemp has about 1% - 3 % THC and that Marijuana has 10 to 50% THC. So it would seem that all one would have to do to get high off hemp is smoke ten times as much?
Personally I have never had the fifty percent kind I think it's a fairy tale. I have however seen a lot of marijuana and quite a bit of hemp. I have also done a lot of reading on the subject and smoked both hemp (AKA ditchweed in the midwest and plains states) and marijuana from time to time.

One of the most interesting things I have ever read was a Department of Agriculture report on hemp circa about 1909 perhaps 1914 some time in that period... Anyway, the date is not important, what it said is... The report was a growing analysis on hemp. This report was commissioned because the navy was having problems with the sailors smoking the rope on board the ship, to the point that they were often running out of ropes... So the Ag Department was commissioned to find out how to grow hemp that didn't have any psycho-active properties. They did dozens of experiments and in every case everything they did made the hemp more potent! This report was the best grow book I have ever seen, all factors light, water, ph, fertilizer, everything was laid out 1,2,3. This is probably the origin of some of the better strains around today, Like LSD the government developed it... What the government proved is that under very controlled growing conditions THC content raises. That's why your homegrown is usually not as good as the pot that the seeds came from. Hemp grown under those same conditions will be more potent than ditchweed.
Bottom line is that if you took ditchweed and grew it in good dirt under the 2000 watt lights, 18 hours a day, fed it the right fertilizers, then hung dried it, the THC content would be much higher, ie: it would turn into marijuana.

So can you get high off ditchweed? Of course you can, you don't get "stoned" but you do get high and since it's harsher, it would be very difficult to smoke enough to reach that same state of mind. It does serve as a pacifier when you can't get any "real marijuana". So should you go out and collect up a bunch of ditchweed for hard times? I would say no because if you collect up a couple of pounds and get busted you'll be treated as if it was marijuana. You see, while they occasionally factor in potency, (if and only if it falls below the 1% range) they prosecute you by volume of the vegetable matter not the quantity of THC. If you what to pick ditchweed take only the buds, as they are always the most potent part. I would suggest drying it packing it in air tight animal proof containers and then hide it in the woods until you need it.

So why is the DEA trying to eradicate the ditchweed? The obvious answer is they know that you can get high from it, but there must be more? Who would benefit from this eradication the most? Obviously the whoever grows the real "marijuana". If people could go out and pick free pot it would hurt their business. Traditionally there are only two kinds of growers indoor growers and outdoor growers. Indoor growers have nothing to fear from ditchweed but what about the outdoor growers? Eradication is in their best interest because cross pollination will cause their seed stock to lose value and quality. So is the DEA protecting local growers? Not likely they only protect big money interests, what the DEA fears is that ditchweed will improve in quality and the big bucks wholesalers will lose their business... Darkside


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