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The importance of voting
Kinds of Government
What do you know about the Federal Reserve?
Congressional Powers as defined in the Constitution
Petitioning Rights in Public Places
PRUNEYARD SHOPPING CENTER ET AL. v. ROBINS ET AL. (Supreme Court concerning the right to handbill in public places)
ACLU's information sheet for contact with police.
America's Political Parties
Concord Principles by Ralph Nadar
Amesty International Condemns Justice System
Short History of Drug laws in USA
What is Marijuana?
What is Hemp?
The history of Marijuana
How does it feel to get high on marijuana
Marijuana in America(How the laws are enforced)
Principles of Responsible Marijuana use(1997 Norml)
The Dangers of marijuana
1937 Marijuana Hearings
1937 Marijuana Tax act
Hemp Prohibition
6 Ways the U.S. Drug War Intrudes On Your Life, Whether Or Not You Use Illegal Substances
Marijuana FAQs (long version)
Medical Marijuana facts by Ian Goddard
Marijuana as Medicine
Marijuana for Pain?
Marijuana and cancer?
Migraine Pain and medical marijuana
Medical Marijuana on the Internet
Marijuana and the Brain
Marijuana and Mortality (Kaiser Permente Research)
MAMP (Minimum Acceptable Marijuana Policy) by John Galt Jr.
Benefits of Marijuana decriminalization
Arizonia's Proposition 200
The drug war / civil war on Americans
Forfeiture stealing from Marijuana users?
Busted life ruined forever?
Just the Truth about Marijuana
The 1934 British Pharmaceutical Codes on medical marijuana
Washington Hemp Initiative
420 just a number?
Some Marijuana Recipes
What Big Tobbacco Knew and when

First Amendment Library

Over 500 marijuana related links
Lying with Statistics
Cigarettes Vrs Marijuana

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