TO: Mr Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Larry Ellison, Charles Koch, David Koch, Michael Bloomberg,
Christy Walton & family, and the rest of the one percent

Some of you have pledged, to give all or most of your money to charity, before / when you die. It sounds like a noble thing to do, but with charities spending most of their money on advertising, fancy offices and CEO salaries, so very little actually makes it to the needy.

The middle class used to be the backbone of capitalism, now it has been devastated by the few mighty individuals and corporations, that make Billions of dollars, and still squeeze to get every possible red cent to add to their wealth.
The middle class was made from those individuals that wanted to work for themselves, earning enough to put dinner on the table, pay for their homes, a new car every three or four years and send a couple kids to college and be happy with that, not trying to be billionaires, just happy to get along. The middle class was the real creators of jobs.

Mom and pop shops have been squashed by mega-corporations, whose main job is to tell the consumer what they want them to buy. You see that is the big difference, a real middle class capitalist puts out the product that the customers want and that's where their success comes from, you don't see that at Subway or McDonald's. I wish I could find a juicy made to order burger, but they don't exist anymore.

The truth is there is little to no wealth, to gather, because America no longer makes anything. Entertainment and services are where the big bucks are, yet they produce no tangible products to resell.

Now I know some of you started out in garages and basements, and earned your billions through hard work, this is what we know as the basis of Capitalism. Not fighting over pennies to create statistics.

America has been buying the trickle down theory for decades, now we realize that it's just another lie in a string of lies. The wealthy are not spending their money nor are they creating jobs.
So how about taking that money and giving it back to Capitalism? About giving grants, to college grads, to enable small business start ups? How about starting new businesses, with the main objective being job creation? Please give your money to the middle class, so that they can enjoy the same opportunities that you had.

John Galt jr.

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