Gun Control

Gun control is always a hot topic. Many people including the Libertarians believe that the right to bear arms means that the forefathers wanted us to have unrestricted access to weapons of war. One must consider that when the bill of rights was written, guns were only capable of firing a single shot, before reloading. Today we have guns capable of firing hundreds of rounds per minute, do you really believe that the founders of this country intended us to walk the streets with ak47s and uzis? Now if you allow the Libertarian logic all arms should be legal. Does this mean that we should have shoulder launched missiles in our homes. They say that's not what we mean, but that is what they are saying. Now there is the other extreme those who would have all weapons banned, so that only criminals have guns. Might I point out at this juncture that knives are weapons as well as baseball bats in the wrong hands. So the real question that needs to be addressed is "where to draw the line?" I personally believe that that line should be drawn at practicability. Fully automatic weapons are not practical. If you can't hit your target with one or two shots, you have no business with a gun! Fully automatic weapons are not aimed rather they spray a huge number of projectiles in a general direction and most do not hit the intended targets. This raises the possibility of uninvolved parties being hit astronomically. Which brings us to the meat of the matter where is the line and is there a fair compromise? I believe that the manufacture and importation of all fully automatic weapons as well as the bullets and clips that support these weapons should be banned. I believe that all guns should be registered and that all registered owners should be required to take and pass safety courses designed around their weapons of choice. I believe that any gun used to facilitate a crime should be destroyed, without any concern for historical significance, value or ownership. I believe that the founding fathers would want it this way.

Cops and Guns?

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